Jordan Peele Reveals His Cameos In Us And Get Out

Get Out dying deer

The following contains minor spoilers for Us.

Jordan Peele has been compared by many to Alfred Hitchcock for the way has manages suspense in his films. However, it appears that Peele is similar to the famous director in one other major way, he likes to appear in his own films.

Alfred Hitchcock was known to cameo in most of his major motion pictures. Usually he would just walk across the screen at some point or otherwise appear in a fairly innocuous role. However, Jordan Peele has taken that idea to an even greater extreme. You never actually see Jordan Peele in Get Out or Us as it's actually only his voice that appears in his two directorial efforts. In both movies, he apparently creates the sounds of dying animals. According to Peele...

I've made cameos in both of my films. In Get Out I was the voice of the deer. [makes deer noise] [And in Us] I am a dying rabbit. [makes rabbit noise].

At the beginning of Get Out, the characters of Chris and Rose are on their way to Rose's parents house when their car strikes a deer. Chris goes to investigate and finds the animal slowly expiring in the woods just off the road.

For those of you who have seen Us, you know that rabbits play an interesting role in the story, apparently Peele voices one of them as they die.

It's certainly an interesting and unique way to cameo in your own films. Many directors have followed the lead of Alfred Hitchcock and made appearances in their own movies from time to time. You can be sure M. Night Shyamalan will appear in his films, sometimes in a sizable supporting role. Joe Russo has also appeared in his Marvel movies from time to time.

However, I can't think of a time a director has made a point to appear in two films, but in a way that he would almost certainly never be recognized. It wasn't until somebody asked him about the idea of appearing in his own films that we learned that he actually had.

Check out the interview with Fandango below to hear exactly what Jordan Peele sounds like in his cameos.

We don't know what's next for Jordan Peele when it comes to the director's chair. He's working as a producer of an upcoming remake of Candyman as well as the newest iteration of The Twilight Zone so he may not be directing another movie soon. If and when Peele makes another feature film, I suppose we should all look for a scene in which an animal dies, at that appears to be the place we'll hear Jordan Peele cameo in the future.

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