Walt Disney World's April Fools Day Joke Is So Great I Wish It Was Real

You've got to be careful when you're checking out social media on April 1st, because there's a good chance a lot of what you're seeing isn't real. Unfortunately, the way a lot of April Fool's Day jokes get you is by telling you a story that you want to be real. That was the way that I felt when I first saw Walt Disney World's Twitter post this morning, revealing the newest addition to the park, a glorious combination of theme park merch and theme park food. Check out Snears.

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While the attractions are always a major draw when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World, the importance of the food and gear cannot be overlooked. As such, it makes perfect sense to combine these two popular elements with Snears, which take the most popular piece of merchandise in the park, Mickey Mouse ears, and gives them cups which can be filled with your favorite park snack.

This is, of course, not real. It's an April Fool's Day joke. As somebody who writes news for a living, I sort of hate this day with a deep passion. However, I can get behind a joke like this, because it's clearly and obviously a joke. You might be taken in for a brief instant, but then you realize that if these things were real they'd be ridiculous. It's just a funny thing that Disney Parks did, as opposed to something truly meant to fool you. Although, if, in that brief moment, you considered buying a pair of Snears, you might not feel like this is a very nice joke.

Putting a pair of turkey legs in your ears might sound awesome, but actually walking around with them in there isn't feasible. The weight distribution is so uneven they'd obviously fall out. Filling them with popcorn might work slightly better, as long as you don't look down at your phone to confirm your upcoming FastPass+ reservation, because then it's all coming out. It's a shame that this isn't practical because sometimes you want to carry your favorite snack while also keeping your hands free to take pictures or while checking out the gift shop.

Although, I do like the idea that the band is supposed to be refrigerated, because keeping cold Dole Whip on your head might actually work out ok, and it would be nice to have it available whenever you needed it. I could use some right now.

While Snears might not be practical, that doesn't make them less fun. The essential premise, that Mickey Mouse ears and Walt Disney World food are two essential parts of any vacation to the park, is absolutely true. My biggest problem when visiting Disney World or Disneyland isn't that I might not have enough time to experience all the attractions I want, it's that my stomach isn't big enough to eat all the food that I want. There are simply too many great restaurants and too many tasty snacks worth checking out.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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