Disneyland Now Has Dole Whip Donuts And They Look Amazing

For Disneyland fans, a Dole Whip pineapple soft serve is a must with every visit. Whether you prefer the standard soft serve ice cream or the pineapple juice float version, there's nothing quite like a Dole Whip on a hot day while you're waiting for the Enchanted Tiki Room to open up. However, for Dole Whip fans who wish there was a more breakfast friendly option than ice cream, the Dole Whip donut is now a real thing, and I need to go have one right now.

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The new donut can be found at the Disneyland donut cart located to the left of Sleeping Beauty's castle. According to the Disney Food Blog, the pastry is a standard donut, with pineapple filling, and topped with pineapple icing, which is then topped in meringue, making the donut look like a Dole Whip itself. While the donut looks entirely amazing, it also, if I'm being honest, looks like it might cause you to go into a sugar coma after a bite or two. But does that really matter? It looks delicious. Calories consumed inside Disneyland don't actually count, right?

This is the newest entry in what is becoming an entire Dole Whip family of snacks. Dole Whip cotton candy can also be found in the park and if you're a slightly older Disneyland fan, you can get your Dole Whip float with rum over at the Disneyland Hotel Coffeehouse.

As much fun as it is to experience the attractions at Disneyland, the food is just as big a draw for some people. There's so much that you just can't experience elsewhere. As in so many other fields, Disney has people working on food for the theme parks that are just some of the best and most creative in the industry. There's always something new to try. There's so much good stuff that you need to plan out your meals and your snacks in advance just to make sure you try everything, in much the same way you plan your ride selection in order to make sure you avoid as many lines as possible.

You'll want to keep an eye on the donut cart as it has a tendency to rotate items in and out, so the Dole Whip donut may not necessarily be available at any given moment. This just means you'll have to go try one of the other thousand delicious snacks that you can find at Disneyland. While sometimes new Disney foods are meant to be limited time only affairs, there's no indication that's the case here. Still, if you want to be absolutely sure you get a chance to have a Dole Whip donut, you may want to plan for it soon.

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