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Disneyland Has Finally Brought Back The Infinity Gauntlet Sipper

Few companies are able to inspire as much loyalty as Disney. Once upon a time, the Mouse House churned out generations of kids who pleaded with their parents to see every single movie the company put out, and now, there are millions of people who visit the theme parks over and over again. It's a level of fanaticism that leads visitors to collect pins, stand in line for hours to try new rides and of course, to buy keepsakes... like the Infinity Gauntlet Sipper.

The sweet Avengers 3 novelty was available at Disneyland back in May. According to, it could be purchased at Off The Page and the Hyperion Theater inside California Adventure, but unfortunately, it quickly sold out, leading some fans to pay upwards of $200 for the item on eBay. That's pretty steep for a collectible that originally cost around $20. Fortunately, it reappeared at Disneyland yesterday, though there's no telling how long it may be available this time.

The thing about Disneyland is a really high percentage of all the people attending on any given day are Annual Passholders, and if there's one thing Annual Passholders love, it's literally anything new. I was a Passholder when I lived in Los Angeles, which basically means you pay a flat rate and can visit the parks as often as you'd like. I can't recommend the experience enough, but no matter how wonderful Disneyland might be, you still power your way through all the stuff to do pretty quickly. Repeating rides and experiences is still fun, but there's nothing like encountering anything out of the ordinary. This awesome Infinity Gauntlet Sipper certainly qualifies, and the fact that it's only available at a few locations in the park makes it even more appealing.

You can check it out below...

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When Disney first purchased Marvel and Star Wars, there was a lot of legitimate conversation around how seamlessly the properties might be incorporated into the theme parks. Well, a few years later, it's safe to say Disney did a really good job. Tower Of Terror at Disneyland has been converted into a wonderful Guardians Of The Galaxy ride that only adds to the original thrill. Star Wars parades, fireworks and light shows run every single night at Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Land is bringing in huge numbers, and there are just enough great little keepsakes like this Infinity Gauntlet Sipper to add excitement without overwhelming the whole experience. Well played, Disney. Now here's to hoping this thing remains in stock.

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