Is 'Star Wars Fatigue' Possible? Mark Hamill Has Felt It Himself

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Mark Hamill has never been shy about a blessed thing when it comes to the Star Wars galaxy. That's something we love about him -- from his old set stories to his thoughts on Luke Skywalker's current storyline.

He's trying to promote his series Knightfall, but of course he's asked about all things Star Wars. After an interviewer noted that Solo performed under expectations, Mark Hamill was asked if he thought "Star Wars fatigue" could exist. Here's his quick answer:

Mark Hamill: Yes.Interviewer: So space [Star Wars movies] out a little bit?Mark Hamill: Well, I don't know. I'm not gonna tell them how to run their business, but is there a possibility of 'Star Wars fatigue'? Yeah, I think there is. I've experienced it, to a certain degree. But they never listen to my ideas anyway, so who needs 'em?

Mark Hamill was at least half joking there at the end with his "who needs 'em" quip to The Hollywood Reporter, but he has mentioned before that he likes to drive Disney executives crazy with his Star Wars teases -- like that "trailer" drop. He also previously shared this surprise at Disney/Lucasfilm's fast release date schedule:

In our day, it was three years apart. Now they’re two years apart, with a [spinoff] movie in between. I say to the executives at Disney, 'Really? Han Solo five months after our movie? Give it a rest!' They say, 'Well, we have to keep the schedule clear for Mary Poppins.'

That Mary Poppins decision didn't quite turn out as Disney would've liked, and Aquaman ended up the billion dollar winner of December 2018. Much has been said of Star Wars possibly flooding the market between the new Skywalker Saga films and spinoffs like Rogue One and Solo on the big screen, and plenty more on the small screen -- with even more to come for the Disney+ streaming service. Mark Hamill noted some of the existing and future content himself:

They already have animation, with Clone Wars, Rebels and what's it called, The Mandalorian? That's a Jon Favreau TV series.

And don't forget that Rian Johnson is making his own Star Wars trilogy, and the Game of Thrones showrunners also have a Star Wars project. Despite Mark Hamill's fears of Star Wars fatigue, and his confession to feeling a bit himself, he does seem to possibly be leaving the door open to do voice work for future Star Wars projects like The Mandalorian and others. As he put it to THR:

Well, again, make me an offer.

Mark Hamill is best known for playing Luke Skywalker, but probably second best known for his voice work, including the Joker, and also very soon Chucky. So would it be a perfect match for Hamill to add his voice to more Star Wars characters after wrapping up Luke Skywalker's story in Star Wars: Episode IX? Or would that be pushing Star Wars fatigue too far? Then again, no one seems to be asking about Marvel fatigue, even with three MCU movies a year. It's a delicate balance of quality, storytelling, content, and anticipation to keep people buying tickets. It's easy for The Hype Train to derail at any moment.

Mark Hamill has shared his confusion over Luke's storyline in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but after 40 years he's still the Star Wars franchise's biggest cheerleader. More Star Wars cheerleaders -- stars and fans -- are gathering this week at Star Wars Celebration April 11-15 in Chicago. It's possible that's when we'll get the first Star Wars: Episode IX trailer, as well as the film's official title.

Star Wars: Episode IX opens in theaters December 20, 2019, as one of the films closing out this huge year for movies. Weigh in with your thoughts on "Star Wars fatigue" below.

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