Ryan Reynolds Has A Colorful Way Of Describing His Detective Pikachu Character

Detective Pikachu looking through a magnifying glass while standing on someone's desk

If Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was operating with merely a garden variety Pikachu, you’d mostly be watching a cute electric mouse walking around, saying “Pika pika!” every now and then to break up the action. But with a Pokemon that’s understood by some humans comes the task of giving said creature a unique personality, especially since this film’s Pikachu is a world class detective. And Ryan Reynolds has the perfect description to just what makes Detective Pikachu no ordinary pocket monster, as he provided the following formula for what makes his new character tick:

If Sherlock had a baby with ("Murder, She Wrote" detective) Jessica Fletcher and their child gave birth to Columbo.

One would assume that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’s lead character is going to shake out with the following traits: the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes, the friendliness/cooperation with law enforcement of Jessica Fletcher and the endless questioning of Columbo.

Even if that’s not the exact mix, it’s a hell of a cocktail of mystery-solving that should help Reynolds’ character save the day all the better. In fact, one could say that when it comes to detective work, these titans are the best minds that one could ever want to combine to solve a case as vexing as what we’ve gotten a peek at with Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

Three iconic detectives making up one particularly punchy detective is a good key to the possible success that this film is looking to drum up in the weeks after Avengers: Endgame. And with Pokemon: Detective Pikachu poised to make around $75 - $90 million in its opening weekend estimates, having a character that memorable is going to be infinitely handy when trying to craft a potential Pokemon cinematic universe.

Ryan Reynolds’ comments to USA Today certainly fall in line with the supposedly more parent friendly direction that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is taking this new character into. So while the kids might not get a lot out of Sherlock, Jessica Fletcher, and Columbo being combined into the personality of Detective Pikachu, this isn’t really meant for them.

If anything, the parents of the children who will want to see the film most benefit from this sort of action, as the kids will be plenty entertained with the antics of the various creatures this film has to offer. Though there’s also those adults still interested in Pokemon, but want a little more of a sparkling personality to their film’s lead.

With either scenario, you’re looking at the first Pikachu that can get by on more than just its adorable frame and electroshock powers. In fact, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu introduces a character that could be used in so many different contexts throughout the world of Pokemon. And with Ryan Reynolds as the glue to the DNA of all of those famous entertainment detectives, it’s bound to be a ride that audiences will be able to get behind pretty easily. You don’t need to be a world class gumshoe to figure that one out.

We’ll see how this all pans out when Pokemon: Detective Pikachu zaps into theaters on May 10th, but if a crime-solving electric mouse isn’t your thing, you can see what else is heading our way with the 2019 release schedule.

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