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Ever since the release of Spectre, fans of the James Bond franchise have wondered what was next for the super spy. Whether or not there would be another movie was never in doubt, but what that would be, and what it would look like, certainly was. Now we know that Daniel Craig will be back in the role of Bond, and tomorrow, we'll know something more, according to the official James Bond Twitter account.

Exactly what this live reveal will, well, reveal, isn't made specifically clear. However, since we're still stuck calling this new movie the incredibly generic Bond 25 for the moment, an actual title would be a great place to start. The only thing we know regarding the title is that the previously rumored Shatterhand, is not what the movie is called. So we can eliminate that, and we can probably eliminate the name of every previous Bond film as a title, and that leaves several billion possibilities.

Beyond a title, the one that we know will be part of the announcement is casting. In addition to the returning Daniel Craig, we know that Ralph Finnes, Ben Whishaw and Naomi Harris will return to reprise their roles as members of MI6. We also know that Lea Seydoux's character from Spectre will also return. However, we don't know who the villain will be or what other characters might appear. It sounds like we'll get some of those answers.

This live reveal is set to come from an "iconic 007 location" which likely means the movie is finally getting shooting underway. Once that happens, it will be harder to keep some secrets, such as casting, so perhaps the plan is to let the cat out of the bag this way, and thus get a buzz that will start the hype train going on the new film before its release in 12 months time.

It's been a long road to this point. First we had the prolonged "will he/won't he" question regarding Daniel Craig's return. Once Craig officially did confirm he would play James Bond again, things got underway with Danny Boyle as director. However, Boyle eventually left the project, apparently due to conflicts with the studio and perhaps Craig himself. Cary Fukunaga is now helming the new movie with a script that recently saw rewrites from The Bourne Ultimatum's Scott Z. Burns. There's a good chance we'll see the director as part of this event tomorrow.

Whatever we actually learn tomorrow, it will likely only be the beginning.