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Sooner or later, Superman is going to return to the big screen and when he does, it seems likely that Henry Cavill will not be the one donning the cape. While we await the eventual casting speculation, one name that is already in the mix is Adonis Creed himself, Michael B. Jordan. The Creed II actor definitely has the charisma and he would look pretty cool as Supes if this fan art is anything to go by. Take a look:

Under most circumstances, you’d think that this action figure-like, carved from granite physique would be unrealistic. But given how in shape Michael B. Jordan got for Adonis’ fight with Viktor Drago, he really could be the most ripped Superman yet. And with a wry smile and a cool suit, Michael B. Jordan looks awesome and like a Superman that audiences would be excited to see.

That said, diiegodesigner’s fan art isn’t of Michael B. Jordan as Superman, well, at least not the Clark Kent/Kal-El version of the character. This fan art envisages Michael B. Jordan as Val-Zod. In the Earth 2 universe, Val-Zod is one of the children that escaped Krypton before it exploded, alongside Kal-El and Supergirl Kara Zor-El.

Upon arriving on Earth, Terry Sloan finds Val-Zod and raises him in seclusion, resulting in the Kryptonian having a far more pacifistic nature than those red eyes would suggest. Val-Zod later assumes the mantle of Superman after Kal-El.

So is this purely some fun fan casting or could it portend our cinematic future? Well, back when we heard that Henry Cavill might be out of the DCEU it was reported that Warner Bros. would be looking to go in a different direction for Superman in the future and had considered casting Michael B. Jordan.

For his part, Michael B. Jordan seems open to playing Superman, but not Clark Kent. Rather than deal with that level of scrutiny and comparison to what came before, the actor put forth the idea that he could instead play Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth-23. Based on Barack Obama, that character was the President and Superman and obviously has not been onscreen before.

Since he isn’t too keen on playing Clark Kent, perhaps Val-Zod could be another option for Michael B. Jordan. He’s got a bit more comics history than Calvin Ellis and Michael B. Jordan could play him without comparisons to past iterations of the character.

This is just the latest bit of fan art to imagine Michael B. Jordan as Superman, and it’s clear that despite having already been in superhero movies, some people are eager to see more of him. Michael B. Jordan has already played Johnny Storm in Fox’s Fantastic Four and Killmonger in Black Panther. All he has to do is join WB’s DC universe and snag a role in Sony’s Spider-Verse and he’ll have hit for the comic book movie universe cycle.

We still don’t know for sure what’s going on with Superman in the DCEU, but with DC on a roll of late with Shazam! and Aquaman, hopefully it won’t be too long before we find out and see the Man of Steel back on the big screen, in one form or another.

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