Avengers: Endgame cast

This morning, it was announced that Avengers: Endgame is the movie that has been tweeted about the more than any other. Are we surprised, Marvel fans? If our timelines were full of crazy theories and anticipation before, since its release, the social media platform has been flooding with gushes about the MCU movie as fans attempt to process and recover from record-breaking box office hit.

What was a mere three-hour experience for the audience was a series of years and memories for the cast of Endgame and a chapter of their lives that some may be leaving behind following the conclusion of the Infinity Saga. Many of the stars of the film have taken to social media to express their love to fans for coming out to see the Avengers assemble and their team with sweet messages.

The man who started it all kicked things off on opening night with a simple post sharing how much his role of Tony Stark has meant to him since 2008’s Iron Man. Check out what Robert Downey Jr. said:

That's proof that Tony Stark has a heart! Let’s move on to Hawkeye who shared some amazing photos of himself and the cast at the Avengers: Endgame world premiere in Los Angeles and the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the original six Avengers placed their hands in concrete last week. He gave a shout out to fans and his fellow superhero actors on Instagram below:

The franchise’s Thor also shared the Hollywood Walk of Fame milestone over the weekend to show his love for the Avengers he started his journey with on the first Avengers film in 2012. Check out Chris Hemsworth’s recent Twitter post:

As fans started seeing Endgame in theaters, the hashtag #ThankYouAvengers started trending. Captain America wouldn’t let all the love rest on their hands and pushed the love right back around. Chris Evans tweeted this out:

Zoe Saldana took the time to particularly celebrate the Captain America actor with one of her Instagram posts. She shared a throwback post of the pair on 2010’s The Losers, a previous project that came out before they joined the expansive cinematic universe. Look at this cute photo!

Anyone else tearing up yet? Gwyneth Paltrow also went for nostalgia in her “thank you” post by sharing a photo of the Iron Man 2 squad coming together while the shooting of Endgame. Take a look:

That’s right, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man started this whole thing off! It’s since grown and morphed into something huge, such as with the recent success of the studio’s first female-led film, Captain Marvel. Brie Larson may have come a little late to the party, but she’s certainly felt the impact of the franchise (her movie is even booming again at the box office thanks to Endgame) and took to social media to share an on-set photo and a shoutout to all the love from fans, with this:

Theaters were absolutely rampant with fans over the weekend going to see Endgame, probably because so many people were tweeting about it! Mark Ruffalo (aka The Hulk) offered his love to moviegoers and the people who worked around the clock to provide service while the film played:

To close things out, Chris Pratt also showed his love for Endgame with a sneaky on-set video of much of the cast filming that huge battle sequence in the movie. Check it:

What an amazing time to be an MCU fan! Endgame certainly satisfied a lot of moviegoers who have religiously gone out to see these films over the course of eleven years and 22 movies. What now? Time to await Spider-Man: Far From Home and Phase 4.

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