Jared Leto 'Definitely' Wants To Play The Joker Again

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DC has two hits in a row with Aquaman and Shazam! both scoring positive reviews and nice box office totals. The next film to hit theaters will be Joker, an alternate take on the classic villain that's entirely divorced from the DCEU. That means that the film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix, will have nothing to do with the Joker played by Jared Leto. The future of Leto's Joker is pretty up in the air right now, but as far as the actor is concerned, he's down to clown whenever.

Jared Leto's take on the Joker has appeared so far in just one movie: Suicide Squad. The film was hit with negative reviews, many of which took issue with Leto's performance. Both critics and fans have had issues with the version of the Joker, from his controversial face tattoos to his odd acting choices.

Ultimately, several scenes featuring the Joker were cut, and it's been unclear what the future holds for character after he was poorly received. Despite the bad reception, Jared Leto wouldn't turn down a chance to play the character again.

I would definitely play the Joker again. It all depends on the script and the circumstances, as it always does.

Though it depends on a few factors, Leto told Variety that he would definitely return as the Joker if the stars aligned in just the right way.

While there were rumors that Jared Leto's Joker would get his own standalone film, that doesn't seem to be in the cards anymore. However, he's been rumored to appear in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie that features Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. So, could he be back for that? Leto isn't quite sure.

I don't think so, but you have to ask them.

Either he's been purposefully cagey to hide spoilers or we genuinely shouldn't expect to see the Joker in Birds of Prey (which I am okay with). Either way, Jared Leto doesn't seem to mind much which film he's in. He had a great time filming the Joker in Suicide Squad and he thinks it's a real great time to be excited by superhero movies.

I loved it. I love these films because they get people excited to go to the movies again, or just period, I don't know about again. So I think that's a miracle. Five, 10 years ago, I don't know if we thought there would be people this excited to go to the movies this weekend. So I think that's a celebration. It created a mythology that people love, and the actors are phenomenal. I mean, I'm all in. I love it. I think it's a blast.

He's definitely right about how superhero movies are attracting large crowds to the theater. Avengers: Endgame is the ultimate proof of that and you can't blame Jared Leto for wanting to be a part of something so large.

It's cool that Jared Leto is still upbeat about his experiences as the Joker, considering the online reaction to both his performance and the movie itself. It's unclear if Leto will get a second chance, but he's currently busy filming another superhero movie with the Sony/Marvel film Morbius. Stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated on all the latest news.

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