Keanu Reeves Reveals His Ideal John Wick Ending

Keanu reeves in John Wick

The John Wick film series started in the most unlikely of places. Now, with a third movie on the verge of opening, we have found the character about as far away from that inciting incident as possible. Just where could the film series go from here? I have no idea, but Keanu Reeves himself has an idea where he'd like to see the movies end.

There are a couple of obvious directions the story could go. We could see John Wick finally be overwhelmed, and go down in a blaze of glory, or we could see him actually win, defeating his adversaries to the point where it would be safe for him to return to the life of quiet solitude where we found him. Keanu Reeves would like to see the latter option. According to John Wick himself...

Hmm if it was Marvel. I could do both. I can die in battle and then come back. But what would I prefer? I want John to be happy. So, let's have him walk out in the sunset because he's not, he's fighting for his life. So if there's a battle to be won, it's his life. So that he can remember the love and for Helen. So, walk off into the sunset.

John Wick's life, as much of it as we've seen, has been one of perpetual punishment. He loses the woman he loves, then he reenters a life he had once left behind. He's nearly killed multiple times, but even in his success, he's forced to continue fighting. His house burns down. Now he's got every professional assassin in the world gunning for him.

While John Wick's eventual death certainly seems possible, even likely, considering the perpetual violence that surrounds him, such an end doesn't really add anything to the story, beyond what would certainly be an epic and visually stunning action sequence.

Keanu Reeves tells ScreenRant that he wants something more for his character.

The war John Wick started over his dead dog was an act of grief. If he's never able to come to terms with that grief then the story will always feel unfinished, and the only way John Wick can properly grieve now is if he survives.

As for what the future really holds for John Wick, we'll have to check out John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum to find out. One thing that does seem clear is that this franchise isn't being designed to be a simple trilogy, so John Wick likely won't find an end in this entry. There could very well be a lot more story left to tell, which, if you're a fan of the franchise, probably isn't a problem at all.

What the future holds for John Wick or the world he lives in is anybody's guess. The world building that the franchise has done so expertly means that the story could end up going in any number of directions with any number of characters. Perhaps the movies will continue even if John Wick one day finds peace.

Dirk Libbey
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