John Wick 3's Halle Berry Broke Three Ribs Trying To Keep Up With Keanu Reeves

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Next month, the John Wick series continues with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. The action franchise is known for its slick choreography and its star Keanu Reeves' willingness to throw himself into the thick of it. Halle Berry also stars in the new film and she gets in on the action herself, but when you star opposite Reeves in an action movie, you gotta brace for some bruises. However, Berry ended up breaking three of her ribs, and she doesn't even know how it happened.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum finds John Wick on the run from every assassin in New York City and beyond. He'll turn to whatever connections and friends he has left in order to survive the whole ordeal, and that's where Berry's character comes in. Halle Berry plays Sofia, an assassin and close friend of John who decides to help him.

Not a whole lot else is known, but seeing as how this is a John Wick movie, Sofia will be getting in on the action. It sounds like Berry did a portion of the stunts herself, but trying to keep up with Keanu Reeves led to some minor injury. Berry loved working with Reeves and told Extra what the experience was like and how it led to her injury:

It was pretty amazing [to work with Keanu]. It was a little terrifying at first because he’s so damn good, and I wanted to be on the same level as him. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I broke three ribs when I was rehearsing for John Wick… It’s like a badge of honor for me, we don’t know how it happened.

To prepare for Parabellum, Halle Berry was doing stunt training, gun training, dog training, and strength training. She was covering every angle, so you can see how rehearsal might lead to injury.

Thankfully, it doesn't sound like it was serious at all or slowed down production much. Halle Berry noted that director Chad Stahelski waited for her to get better rather than replace her with someone without three broken ribs:

I worked for a little while with broken ribs until I could no longer do it. For me, what made me most happy is I thought when that happened, 'OK, I'm out of the movie.' They're going to replace me. The show has to go on. But to [director] Chad's credit, he waited for me to heal, when I came back I felt better.

You'll be able to see Halle Berry kicking ass alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum when the film arrives in theaters on May 17, 2019. For everything else arriving in theaters this year, be sure to check out our handy 2019 movie release guide for all the big releases.

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