Both Robert Pattinson And Nicholas Hoult Are Allegedly Auditioning For Batman

Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis and Nicholas Hoult in Tolkien

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Since Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie The Batman is a just over two years away, it’s time for the movie’s pre-production to get into high gear and the new Bruce Wayne to be named. Recent reports said Robert Pattinson has been cast as the Caped Crusader, but Warner Bros has not made the announcement yet. Perhaps this is because the actor has not yet scored the role and Dark Phoenix star Nicholas Hoult is still in the running.

Umberto Gonzalez, a reporter with The Wrap, has provided a rumored development on The Batman casting. Here’s what he said:

BATMAN UPDATE: Robert Pattinson & Nicholas Hoult are screen testing for the role. I suspect they're screen testing in the Batsuit because Wardrobe Department will need full wardrobe test. Additionally, the film will now start production in Q1 2020.

Per this source’s update, there are still two actors in the running and they’re currently going head-to-head for the role with a screen test with the Batsuit. When Robert Pattinson’s name was announced a couple weeks ago, Nicholas Hoult was also said to be on the short list. However, Variety gave the edge to Pattinson, describing that he was in negotiations and the studio’s “top choice” for the Caped Crusader.

Gonzalez’s words also divulge that The Batman will begin shooting in early 2020, after it was previously reported that the film’s principal photography in London may be pushed back from November. There has been other reports supporting this theory as well.

The update does make some sense considering the decision to cast a new Batman is a huge decision for Warner Bros and DC. Very few high-profile roles such as this have one actor in the running, especially when the look of the character in costume will especially be analyzed, scrutinized and contribute to the success of the film.

Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult may have already made it through a long casting process, and this screen test could be either the first of many or the last audition between one of them nabbing the role. Even if Variety’s initial report of Pattinson being the favorite is in fact true, the filmmakers may still want to compare two screen tests to finalize their decision.

Considering all the press Robert Pattinson has received over the past couple of weeks, it would be a strange turn of events to later learn Nicholas Hoult has been cast instead. The internet blew up (and even petitioned) against the news, but Pattinson ultimately has won over a lot of fans interested in his portrayal. A phrase for his version has even been coined reminiscent of “Batfleck” titled “Battinson”. How would Hoult's name garner a catchy title?

This is good news for those rooting for Nicholas Hoult to take on Batman after his four-movie run as X-Men’s Beast which will presumably end with the upcoming release of Dark Phoenix.

The Batman has a June 25, 2021 release date to make, so sooner or later the new Dark Knight will be announced, maybe with a behind-the-scenes picture of this alleged screen test? That would be cool! Either way it’ll be exciting to see how the upcoming DC project shapes up.

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