Did DC Just Subtly Confirm Robert Pattinson As Batman?

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Matt Reeves, DC, and Warner. Bros. have yet to officially announce anyone as the new post-Ben Affleck Batman. All we know at this point is Robert Pattinson was reported to be cast as the lead of The Batman, per Variety, with Deadline saying Pattinson had the edge on a short list but Nicholas Hoult was still in the running. But now some fans are reading into an Instagram post from DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, seeing it as a hint to Pattinson's confirmation:

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Hmmm. Was it just a coincidence that this top DC exec staged a social media image to show Robert Pattinson's name in all-caps? That tablet shot seems to show pieces of Howard Stern interviews, with Stern talking to Pamela Anderson and then Pattinson. But as a DC guy, he had to know fans would interpret Pattinson's name as some kind of easter egg hint.

Over on Reddit, fans are discussing Jim Lee's post, and also reports that Robert Pattinson was seen on the Warner Bros. lot in L.A.:

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Now, that doesn't necessarily mean he was doing anything for The Batman. As fans have noted, he is also part of Christopher Nolan's WB film Tenet. As far as we know, The Batman won't start filming until this fall for a 2021 release, so if Robert Pattinson's set visit had anything to do with Batman, it could possibly be for another screen test or to sign papers, etc. That's all speculation, though. What we're waiting for is official word from The Powers That Be.

I'd love to hear from Matt Reeves directly on this, but that will happen in due time. For now, Robert Pattinson is being treated as the new Bruce Wayne. It's going to be very awkward if Reeves turns out to go in a different direction. Fans seem to have mixed reactions to Pattinson -- and there was a petition against his casting -- but I'm seeing a lot of early support/let's give him a chance responses. I'm also fond of Willem Dafoe's point about his chin.

As we wait for official word, one way or the other, keep up with all things DCEU in our handy guide, and check out our 2019 movie release schedule for news on everything already confirmed to be coming to theaters this year.

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