Backlash To The Robert Pattinson And Game Of Thrones Petitions Has Inspired A New Meme

Robert Pattinson Game of Thrones

Nerd culture has just been getting rocked these past few weeks, huh? First, the final season of Game of Thrones hasn't been living up to expectations, which culminated in an extremely controversial event during the penultimate episode. Then Robert Pattinson was reportedly in the final stages of being cast as Batman in Matt Reeves' solo film. Petitions in reaction to these two events have gained publicity online, and Film Twitter is poking fun at the sheer ridiculousness of it all, creating a new "petitioning the makers of" meme.

To sum things up for you, fans aren't happy with the overall direction of Game of Thrones eighth and final season. From the Night King's quick dismissal to Daenerys massive heel turn, fans want the entire season be re-written and reshot from scratch. Yeah, sure, that'll happen.

Even though Robert Pattinson isn't even technically confirmed as Batman, people didn't waste time getting a petition out there to remove Pattinson from the role. Again, he hasn't signed anything yet and the job could go to Nicholas Hoult, but that's a detail that doesn't seem to be important to people.

Obviously, both of these petitions are ridiculous and will accomplish nothing. Whether these are sincere or just trolling, it's nerd entitlement at its finest. Thankfully, the film community isn't taking these petitions seriously either. Several actors have taken to Twitter to poke fun at the petitions, giving birth to a new joke format asking for stupid changes to classic films.

The above tweets come from actors Jon Donahue, Diedrich Bader, Michael McKean, and Mark Hamill (you might have heard of him). Each actor posted a tweet asking for an iconic film to have its ending changed, such as King Kong surviving to become a Broadway star or Wilson the volleyball not getting lost at sea.

The common thread amongst these tweets is that the films have unhappy endings, but they are some of the most popular films ever made. The lesson behind all of this is that sometimes things don't end the way you want, but that doesn't make those films bad. We're still about a day away from knowing how the finale of Game of Thrones will affect the entire outlook of the show or if Pattinson will be a good Batman, but let's not jump the gun here.

At least with Game of Thrones, we don't have to wait much longer for the finale. It's premiering tomorrow night on Sunday, May 19 on HBO and it's sure to be a television event (even if it sucks). Meanwhile, The Batman is still quite a ways off because the script isn't even finished. Currently, the release date is slated for 2021, but be sure to keep checking in with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated on all the important information.

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