Why Now Is The Best Time For Robert Pattinson's Batman

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Ever since news broke that Robert Pattinson may be DC's new movie Batman, the internet has been aflame with opinions. While the former Twilight actor has had many people defending the decision, it's safe to say the rumored casting has been very polarizing. Sure, Pattinson has done some great things outside of the films he's commonly known for, but is he really Batman material?

Whether he's the right man for the job or not, one thing both sides of this argument should agree on is that now is the best possible time for DC to roll the dice on casting Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. For those who don't quite see that just yet, I'll break down exactly why we shouldn't be yanking our hair out and boycotting just because Edward Cullen may become the Caped Crusader.

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Robert Pattinson Would Play Batman During DC's Experimental Phase

After its attempts to replicate what Marvel is doing with the MCU more or less failed, DC has been more focused on creating entertaining standalone movies and have put on less emphasis on making sure they're all a part of a connected universe. While there are downsides and have been some casualties because of this decision, the result has been a more creative and free cinematic universe.

Want to reboot Suicide Squad but still keep Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn? Not a problem. Want to fix up Jason Momoa's character after his initial appearance in Justice League? No problemo. Hell, you can even make a Joker origin movie that's disconnected entirely from the Joker seen only a few years back in Suicide Squad! It sounds like chaos, but really it's similar to what comics have always done.

That is to say DC is throwing a lot of concepts at a dartboard and going with what sticks. The beauty in this process is that it's a win-win for fans, particularly those who doubt Robert Pattinson's abilities as Batman. If he flops, then there's plenty of precedent that DC will drop him and try to take another shot at a Batman movie with another actor down the road, or he'll surprise skeptics and the formerly angry will be happy.

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The World Is Hungry For A Solo Batman Film

As of this writing, it's been seven years since The Dark Knight Rises debuted in theaters. The world hasn't waited that long on a standalone Batman movie since the gap between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins, although the wait hasn't been quite as unbearable thanks to Ben Affleck's Batman in DC's ensemble features.

It's not for a lack of trying, as DC tried to get The Batman up and underway during Affleck's tenure, but it never seemed to work out. Instead, audiences were teased with flashes of what Affleck's Batman was capable of, which were packaged in commercially successful, but subpar in the eyes of critics and some fans. The Batman was going to have Affleck's Batman front and center, and it would be a chance for Batman to get the solo screen time fans had only been teased with before.

Now, we finally will get to see Batman in action, only he'll be played by someone else. Sure, it's not as satisfying, but even when considering casting issues, the world will be amped to see another Batman movie even if Robert Pattinson is the new Bruce Wayne. Provided the casting rumor is true, it doesn't seem likely fans will be worked up so much they'll actively boycott his first film and risk an even longer gap between Batman movies.

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Robert Pattinson May Be The Perfect Batman For The Batman

Is Robert Pattinson different than past actors that have donned the cowl and cape? That depends on who you ask, but I think many would agree that Pattinson's public perception is different than other actors who have played the role. He's not a name the mainstream would associate with action movies, nor is he necessarily on a short list of actors one would describe as a "badass."

To be fair to Robert Pattinson, neither is another actor who's allegedly in contention for the role, Nicholas Hoult. Hoult's cred for the role of Batman is marginally better in that he's been in X-Men, but both are far more known for their works outside the world of superheroes and action movies. Put simply, it appears physicality will be a part of The Batman, but it doesn't appear to be the main thing Matt Reeves and crew are looking for.

We do know that Matt Reeves' vision for The Batman is a noir-driven story that focuses more on the detective abilities of Batman, and while there will almost certainly be some action, it appears the analytical side of Batman will take center stage. Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult may not be the most obvious choices for Batman to some, but that could be because this won't be the typical Batman movie everyone is used to.

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DC Could Have More Than One Batman At The Same Time

Now, is it possible Robert Pattinson could continue to be a polarizing Batman even after one film? Sure, but if there are enough people on board and the box office numbers are in The Batman's favor, there's a good chance the young actor could get another film or two to further line the pockets of producers.

With that being said, is there a rule that there can only be one Batman in cinema at one time? It's never been done, but it's looking like there wil be at least two Bruce Wayne's co-existing provided The Batman doesn't have some yet-to-be-discovered tie-in to Joker. Provided both films are successful and have sequels, DC could potentially have two Batmen co-existing in two different eras.

It's not a novel concept, and while DC has typically been pretty protective of how many versions of its heroes are used throughout its media, that stance has seemingly been relaxed quite a bit as of late. In fact, this Batman may co-exist alongside Lego Batman and Titans' incoming Batman played by Iain Glen. Whether it happens with Joker or some other way, don't be surprised if DC doesn't try for another live-action Batman to share the stage with Robert Pattinson in his own set of movies.

The bottom line is this is the ideal time for DC to take a risk with an actor that the world may be iffy on as Batman, and those upset shouldn't be that worried considering the current era of DC movies. Whether the new Batman is Robert Pattinson or anyone else, let's always remember that the most unlikely of actors can deliver the best performances, and that DC is often quick to pivot when a plan doesn't come together.

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