It Chapter Two Will Have A Big Presence At San Diego Comic Con

Pennywise the Clown

ScareDiego has become a staple of the San Diego Comic Con experience, opening the annual pop-culture celebration with an emphasis on upcoming horror chillers that will be inhabiting theaters. New Line and Warner Bros. have cornered the market on the opening day of the convention, and have used it to show off footage from such movies as The Nun, The Curse of La Llorona and Andy Muschietti’s terrifying It.

Now we know that It Chapter Two will kick off this year’s San Diego Comic Con with a presentation as part of ScareDiego 2019:

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This is the post that was shared on Andy Muschietti’s Instagram account, inviting fans to return to Derry, the hometown of Stephen King’s eponymous “evil clown” story. And in a way, there’s symmetry to this presentation. We were all packed into a theater in San Diego’s Gaslamp district when Warner Bros. brought the very first footage from It to show to eager fans. Returning to San Diego with new footage to get people excited for September’s It Chapter Two makes all the sense in the world.

I can remember that It footage like it was yesterday. Muschietti chose to show off the rock fight scene, where the Losers stared down Henry Bowers and his pack of bullies. The scene revealed the hard-rock tone of the Losers’ Club’s humor. But it also had Pennywise waving the severed arm of a recent victim, and that’s an image that doesn’t immediately leave your head.

The run up to SDCC is always pretty exciting, with studios jockeying for position but hesitant to reveal fully what they are bringing to entertain the masses. You can basically look at the upcoming slate for each major studio and guess what they will choose to present. Personally, I love that WB just threw down their gauntlet and announced that they are headlining this year’s ScareDiego with It Chapter Two. We hear that there will be new footage show, and appearances from Andy Muschietti and the cast all weekend long, so coverage on It Chapter Two coming out of San Diego Comic Con should be incredibly informative.

The It Chapter Two trailer recently gave us our best look at the adult versions of the Losers, who will be played by James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader and more.

In the anticipated sequel, the characters who faced down Pennywise in the original film have to reunite in Derry decades later, fulfilling the blood promise they made if and when the evil entity should ever show its white-painted face.

We will be on site in San Diego reporting on It Chapter Two at ScareDiego. As for the movie itself, it floats into theaters on September 6.

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