Justice League's Ray Fisher Would 'Absolutely' Release The Snyder Cut

Cyborg getting a solo movie?

At this point, Justice League hit theaters more than year and a half ago. However, in that time, the clamoring from the fanbase regarding a Zack Snyder cut or #Snydercut of the film has not died down in the least. (Zack Snyder constantly sharing backstory stuff likely has not helped matters.) Which means the cast is still getting asked about their feelings regarding a lengthier Snyder cut of the DC and Warner Bros. film.

This weekend while Justice League actor Ray Fisher was appearing at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas, the actor reportedly mentioned he’d love to see the Snyder cut of Justice League. Unfortunately, he’s not the person with the keys to the kingdom, however, so he noted he’d like the Snyder cut with a caveat, saying, “If I had the power, absolutely.”

Later, Ray Fisher also reflected on the fact there is plenty of Cyborg’s story left to tell (via Super Bros. Movies), sharing what he would like to see in the future from Cyborg’s movie. He noted:

I think there's still some repairing that has to take place between Cyborg and his father, in that relationship. I think there's also a lot of ground to explore how much technology is too much technology for humanity, and how fast technology is evolving, and the role that Cyborg could play in potentially mitigating the issues that would come about because of that. You're dealing with a character who can, with a thought, launch all of the nuclear devices on the planet.

This isn’t the first time Ray Fisher has spoken out continuing Cyborg’s story. He’s previously spoken out about how much of his character’s narrative was cut by the time Justice League hit theaters. But he’s said he has no regrets about the way the movie panned out, because “the integrity” of Cyborg was upheld.

It’s clear the actor had a blast playing the superhero and hopes more opportunities will present themselves in the future. He also said at Celebrity Fan Fest,

In Justice League, I think we see Cyborg fighting against the machine and I would like to see what it would be like if he becomes so comfortable with himself that he actually gives in too much to the machine side, and it ends up being too much so. There's really no end to the kinds of stories you could tell about a story like this, especially as technology is evolving.

Still, there are plenty of plotlines related to Cyborg that could be explored more fully, and Ray Fisher has said previously he'd like to see more about the loss of Victor's mother, as well. Eventually, the character may get his own solo movie to flesh out all of this stuff, although as recently as a few months ago, Fisher was open that a movie may be more expensive to produce than it would be worth. So, we'll have to wait and see on that point.

While we wait to see how DC's movie realm pans out, it's clear the desire for a Snyder cut of Justice League will not be not dying anytime soon. Just this past week we reported there is a Go Fund Me getting some traction that allowed DC fans to collect $20,000. That money will be used to fly a banner over Comic-Con petitioning Warner Bros. to release the Snyder cut.

It may not ever happen, but you can’t accuse DC fans of not being go-getters. Take a look at what the DCEU has coming up with our full guide.

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