Ray Fisher Was Happy With Justice League, Even If Cyborg's Story Was Cut Down

cyborg looking intense in full costume in justice league

A lot of people on the Internet have shared their opinions about Justice League in the time since the movie was released last year. Now, Justice League star Ray Fisher has spoken out about his own feelings related to the Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon movie, noting he was happy with the final product. He said:

I was happy man. All things considered with Cyborg, there was a lot of material we didn't get to see with respect to Cyborg's backstory. But I think that they did justice with what they could with respect to the character. Ultimately, a lot of people put a lot of hard work into this thing. There are a lot of decisions that we don't necessarily have any control over with respect to that. But I felt like the integrity of the character was upheld.

Ray Fisher revealed at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest that Zack Snyder had a whole big idea planned for Cyborg that didn't end up making it into the final product, including the idea that the audience watching and even Cyborg himself may not know whether he's really a villain or a hero during Justice League. Along with that, Fisher has addressed all the cool backstory info the fans may have missed with the final draft of the flick. However, he says he was really happy with how his character came out.

The new characters that were brought into the world of DC movies during Justice League were generally well-received. In particular, Cyborg has been listed often as one of the highlights of the movie, so Ray Fisher believing the "integrity" of his character remaining in the flick is not necessarily a surprising comment, but it's still nice to hear he liked how the final product panned out.

Warner Bros.' most recent attempts in the DC universe have not come out to a great deal of critical acclaim. Justice League is only running at a 45 rating on Metacritic and a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes. Still, there does seem to be a discrepancy between critical reviews and the fanbase, as 74% of the audience is reporting they liked Justice League on the latter site. Justice League also landed a B+ CinemaScore.

Therefore, it seems like at least a good chunk of the DC fanbase is in Ray Fisher's camp in regard to Justice League.

Although we didn't get to see as much as we perhaps could have in the final Justice League product, eventually -- hopefully -- a Cyborg solo movie is expected to be on the way. Ray Fisher also revealed he's still just as in the dark about when that's going to happen as we are, but with a little luck, perhaps that one will move forward sooner rather than later. (Reportedly the cost of CGI for that project has held things up.) For now, you can see what DC has coming up with our full guide.

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