Boy George Wants Sophie Turner To Play Him In A Biopic, And She’s Down

Sophie Turner in Dark Phoenix and Boy George on Culture Club album Colour by Numbers

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Since Bohemian Rhapsody took the worldwide box office by storm with its “killer queen” $903 million haul, don’t expect Hollywood to stop now with the development of more biopics centering on the behind-the-scenes stories of more pop icons. A film about Boy George’s rise to stardom in the ‘80s is currently in the works at MGM and Sophie Turner’s name has entered the mix of potential stars.

Boy George revealed his interest in the Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix actress to play a younger version of himself with these words to an Australian radio show (via Vogue):

There’s been some really interesting suggestions. One of the most interesting suggestions was Sophie Turner. [People will say] ‘she can’t play you she’s a woman,’ you know. But when I was 17, I would have loved to have been her.

And the resemblance is uncanny! It’s crazy how much the two compare when the icon’s ‘80s look is placed side-by-side with Sophie Turner. The musician isn’t bothered by a woman playing him either. After all, Boy George has often and famously donned an androgynous look. Following his recent comments, Turner isn’t being shy about her interest either. Take a look:

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Hear that? She’s SO down! The actress has just finished her eight season-run as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, along with finishing off her role as Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise with Dark Phoenix. She not only looks like she could play a convincing Culture Club frontman, she’s close to the same age he was when he broke out to the music scene, and her schedule may have just cleared up. I’d say that’s a match made in heaven!

It’s not tough to see the Culture Club singer channelling an ‘80s Sansa in his performance of “Time (Clock Of the Heart)”. Check it out:

The untitled biopic announced in May will be written and directed by Sacha Gervasi, who worked on Hitchcock, November Criminals, My Dinner with Hervé and The Terminal. The English singer first made waves in London with his 1982 breakout hit “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” from Culture Club’s debut album, with three of the songs skyrocketing to the top 10 U.S. charts, which a new group hadn’t achieved since the Beatles did it.

As Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman explored, Boy George also publicly struggled with drug addiction and his sexuality in a time when the LGBT community was marginalized more often in the public eye. It will be interesting to see how the Boy George biopic decides to present his life. Will it take the PG-13 approach of Bohemian Rhapsody? If cast, would Sophie Turner lip sync or use her own vocals?

No release date has been set yet, but until then, would you like to see Sophie Turner as Boy George? Feel free to discuss this in the comments below!

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