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Dave Bautista Sounds Frustrated About A Gears Of War Movie: 'I've Tried Everything'

Gears of War

Hollywood has been working on turning video games into successful movies for years and has met with limited success. One of the projects that has been rumored has been a film based on the popular Gears of War series, but it's been years since we've heard anything about the project moving forward.

When a project stalls, what it often needs is a cheerleader, somebody in a high profile position to keep the idea alive and find the right people to make it happen. Such a process apparently isn't working with the Gears of War movie, as it turns out Dave Bautista wants to star in the project, he's tried to get the right people to listen, and apparently nobody cares. Recently, in a response to a fan pushing to get Bautista in a Gears of War film, he let his frustration with the whole situation be known.

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Dave Bautista responds on Twitter to say he has "tried everything" to make a Gears of War movie happen. It sounds like he's just not getting much interest from the powers that be. He's clearly upset about the whole thing. Dave Bautista is not one to hide his feelings online. Just ask him what he thinks of the whole James Gunn/Disney thing sometime.

The fifth game in the main Gears of War game series is set for release is September. The games are science fiction shooters that take place on an alien world that has been colonized by humans. Humanity is already on the brink of extinction on the planet following a massive decades long war. Just as peace is found between humans, an alien threat emerges from within the planet itself, setting off the events of the video game.

The first trilogy of Gears of War games has players take on the role of Marcus Fenix, the character front and center in the image above, and there certainly is something of a resemblance between him and Dave Bautista, even beyond the fact that both of them look like walking brick walls. It's no wonder people would love to see Bautista play the part in a movie.

The most recent we heard anything about a Gears of War movie, the project was being considered over at Universal, but that was years after the last thing we had heard about the project. And even that wasn't where this whole thing started. Talk of such a movie actually goes as far back as 2007. Since then, the game series itself has changed developers, though Epic Games, who created the original trilogy of titles, still owns the rights to the name.

While video game based movies still have yet to find their X-Men or Spider-Man, that first film that causes critics and audiences alike to really take the medium seriously, there have been no shortage of attempts. Some of them have been financially successful and some haven't even been hated by critics, but considering none have been the huge hit studios are looking for, it's surprising if nobody will even entertain this idea.

Maybe Big Dave isn't viewed as a big enough name in Hollywood at this point to have the stroke to make this happen. Maybe that will change as he makes bigger movies and becomes a bigger star. He can currently be seen leading the action comedy Stuber and he'll be a part of Denis Villeneuve's Dune as well as the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the future.

There certainly isn't anybody else in Hollywood right now who would make a better Marcus Fenix, and if he wants the role, then we know he'd be committed to making the movie a success. Hopefully, if this movie ever actually happens, Dave will get what he wants, and fans will get the movie they deserve.

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