Tiffany Haddish Has Her Eye On A Wonder Woman Role

Tiffany Haddish in Girl's Trip

In today’s film landscape, just about every working actor is angling for a role in a superhero property. It could be a Marvel Studios film, a DC blockbuster, or even a comic-book satire like The Boys over at Amazon. There’s no shortage of properties looking to staff up across various portals, so naturally Tiffany Haddish was asked about stepping into a hero role while she was out promoting the crime thriller The Kitchen.

For some odd reason, Tiffany Haddish was approached by Yahoo with the idea that the Night School co-star cold step into the role of Batgirl for DC and Warner Bros. The announced project recently began its hunt for a new director after Joss Whedon picked up stakes and shuffled along, claiming he was unable to crack the story. Haddish had no interest in playing Batgirl, though she did have a specific choice in mind, if ever she was going to lead a superhero adventure. She told Yahoo:

I’d rather be Wonder Woman’s sister, Nubia. [From] the 1976-78 issue of Wonder Woman. Yeah, I know my comic books. Don’t get it twisted. Also, I would rather be Mystery Girl.

We can see it, Tiffany! These are great references to characters she’s actually beautifully plug into, as opposed to casting options in a modern-day film adaptation where an actor has a good Q score, so they get a role they have no business playing. We’re looking at you, entire cast of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four.

Actually making her comic debut in 1973, Nubia was introduced as a twin sister for Diana, created by Hippolyta to be the dark side of Wonder Woman’s light. They are allies, though for a while, Nubia also believed she had rightful claim to the title of Wonder Woman. The character has appeared numerous times over the years, and easily could be incorporated into the Wonder Woman mythology that Patty Jenkins is constructing at DC and Warner Bros. with Gal Gadot in the lead.

What’s more, Jenkins has shown an affinity for casting outside-of-the-box comedic talent for roles in the Wonder Woman series. Look right at Kristen Wiig, who will appear opposite Gal Gadot in next year’s Wonder Woman 1984 as the villainess Cheetah. Tiffany Haddish would be an easy addition to the growing ensemble that is being put together in these films, contributing to the all-female vibe that’s powering this corner of the DCEU.

Wonder Woman and Cheetah

Naturally, this won’t happen any time soon, if it happens at all. Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t due in theaters until June 5, 2020, meaning any future Wonder Woman films that feature Tiffany Haddish as Nubia would be at least 5 years away. DC and Warner Bros. enjoy announcing projects that might never happen – Hello, The Flash movie – and a Batgirl movie probably takes more of a priority over getting Tiffany Haddish into a Wonder Woman movie. At the very least, she helped educate a bunch of us on the possibility of bringing Nubia, Wonder Woman’s lost twin, into a future story.

The next DC movie will be Joker, in theaters in October. And that one might even have Oscar potential. What a crazy world we live in, no?

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