Jon Favreau Is Upset About Happy And Aunt May's Relationship After Sony Split With Marvel

Jon favreau as Happy Hogan in Spider-Man: Far From Home
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It’s been a rough week for Spider-Man fans. Marvel and Sony’s joint custody with the beloved webslinger suddenly came to an end, after the two studios reportedly couldn’t reach an agreement over Disney’s proposed 50/50 profit split. The decision has left us with tons of questions about the break-up, especially concerning how the inherent ties Tom Holland’s Spidey has with the MCU will be dealt with if Sony moves forward without the shared universe.

While Jon Favreau was a D23 to promote his exciting upcoming Mandalorian series for Disney+, he was asked about his thoughts on the situation. In his words to Rotten Tomatoes:

Man, you know, just when you thought Happy Hogan was going to be in a happy relationship. There’s always twist and turns, right? There’s adventure on the screen and there’s also there’s a story off the screen. So I hope as a fan and as somebody who has been involved with both the MCU films and also with the Spider-Man movies, I had fun collaborating with all those people together. I think I speak for everybody that I’d love to see, I hope this isn’t the last chapter and I hope there are new developments in the area. Because I would love to see all those characters continue to occupy the same world.

That’s right! What about Happy Hogan and Aunt May’s budding romance in Far From Home? Jon Favreau’s character has had strong ties to the late Tony Stark, so it’s doubtful the character would be able to live on in the Spider-Man movies without referencing his roots in the MCU. That leaves those rooting for more from his relationship with Marisa Tomei’s hip Aunt May as a “one that got away” story. Here’s one more reason fans are organizing to “storm Sony” in their New York lot!

Jon Favreau gives a wistful answer in hopes of Disney and Sony coming to a decision that would keep Spider-Man in the MCU. He’s been a part of both of Jon WattsSpider-Man films after starting as a director himself in the first movies in the universe for Iron Man 1 & 2. Sony taking full control without Disney or the MCU to pull from could derail what was planned for Tom Holland’s character under Marvel Studios Pres. Kevin Feige’s plans.

For the past four and a half years, the Sony and Disney deal had the latter studio retaining earnings from all Spider-Man merchandising and 5% of the earnings the movies made. After Spider-Man: Far From Home recently became the highest-earning Spidey movie of all time over summer, Disney reportedly attempted to negotiate the deal for a higher percentage (50%) which was not agreed upon by Sony.

In a recent statement, Sony clarified that the partnership ended on the terms of Disney’s Marvel Studios. Sony said it was “disappointed” but will “respect Disney’s decision” to leave Spider-Man out of the MCU. It’s now been reported that the two studios are fighting over Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts as well.

Stay tuned with CinemaBlend as the Spider-Man controversy continues to unravel!

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