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Silver Surfer Marvel

As Marvel continues to develop Phase 4 and plot out Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some very interesting rumors have surfaced about which Marvel characters may pop up in the near future. One of the more recent rumblings is that Marvel Studios is working on bringing a big character into this franchise who has quite the connection to the Fantastic Four. Sorry, Doctor Doom fans, we're talking about Silver Surfer this time around.

While it would be dope to see Doom in the MCU, one could argue it'd be even cooler to see Silver Surfer appear in the shiny flesh. Seeing Silver Surfer in a new Marvel movie would kick ass, despite the evidence that is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Here are some of the reasons why he's so much better than that dark spot in Marvel's history.

Galactus Marvel Comics

Silver Surfer's "Boss" Is An Iconic Marvel Baddie

Most Marvel Comics fans know this already, but for those unaware, there would be no Silver Surfer if it wasn't for one of Marvel's most powerful villains: Galactus. Zenn-La astronomer Norrin Radd was able to save his world from the planet-eating fiend, but only because he agreed to be his herald. In exchange for his allegiance, Radd was gifted part of the Power Cosmic, and became the Silver Surfer.

Norrin Radd's initial intention was to guide Galactus to uninhabited planets, but the villain worked some magic that altered Radd's soul after becoming Silver Surfer. Radd later regained a sense of his more noble self after appearing on Earth and taking on the Fantastic Four, managing to break free of Galactus. He then went onto do some pretty cool stuff, much of which would be great to see in the MCU. Here's hoping he can break free of his overbearing boss should he appear in theaters again.

Silver Surfer Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

He's A Cosmic Hero

There are a ton of heroes in the MCU, but few have the power Marvel describes as "Cosmic." Heroes who fall under that category are the strongest of the brand's bunch, with each individual's power being closer to that of a "god" than "hero." Thanks to Galactus' transformation, Silver Surfer is one of these heroes, and a formidable opponent to some of the universe's most powerful folks.

As it stands, there aren't a lot of cosmic-level entities in the MCU. Ronan The Accuser and Ego were considered Cosmic-level villains in the comics, though some would debate on whether their powers were nerfed a bit in the transition to the MCU. Carol Danvers is without a doubt a Cosmic hero who showed she was that and then some in Avengers: Endgame, but with few people to use that immense power on. Perhaps she could tangle with Silver Surfer on his way to Earth and give audiences a god-like superhero showdown?

Silver Surfer Marvel

Silver Surfer's Powers Are Pretty Wild

Silver Surfer is exceptionally strong, and he can travel at the speed of light and control his board via a mental connection. If that sounds over-powered, just wait until I mention he can also time travel, manipulate matter, is near indestructible and can absorb enemies and hold them inside his board. Oh yeah, he's also able to heal most anything, read minds and can destroy a planet with his cosmic bolts.

For the record, there are even more powers that could be listed, but it's easier just to say there's not a lot Silver Surfer can't do. As badass as it would be to see all these powers on display, one has to think Marvel will probably nix a fair few of those abilities to make him just a bit more manageable and so powerful he doesn't devalue any heroes he could collaborate with. Don't worry, Silver Surfer can totally drop a power or two and still be a huge threat.

Silver Surfer Marvel

He Has Solid Ties To Several Marvel Heroes

Once Silver Surfer was confined to Earth by Galactus, he was able to form some solid ties with other Marvel heroes and do some real good around the world. He obviously forged a solid bond with the Fantastic Four, but in Marvel Comics, he actually helped form a superhero outfit with Hulk and Namor called the Titans Three. That group later gained Doctor Strange, and together, they were known as The Defenders.

With the rumors that Marvel is looking into giving Namor a movie, it would be very interesting if all these heroes were to come together to form the cinematic version of The Defenders. Imagine the antagonist they'd have to battle to justify that kind of team up! Luckily, if the MCU is seriously considering bringing in a hero as powerful as Silver Surfer, there's probably going to be no shortage of baddies that make the Thanos incident look relatively minor in comparison.

Silver Surfer Marvel

He Can Be Almost Anywhere In An Instant

I touched on this a bit earlier when we went over Silver Surfer's powers, but I can't stress enough how cool it is he can travel at light speed. It literally means that at any point in time, no matter where a Marvel team could be, Silver Surfer could be at their side in the flick of a light switch. That practically makes him available to cameo anywhere in the MCU, which is pretty dope.

And I do mean anywhere, because Silver Surfer's speed is so great he can travel through time. That means he's capable of jumping back into past Marvel events without the use of the time travel tech mastered in Avengers: Endgame, and could manipulate other past MCU events if he saw a need to. For timeline consistency reasons, Marvel Studios may shy away from that, but I'd love to see the Surfer do at least some form of time travel.

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Do you think a Silver Surfer movie would kick ass? Feel free to share why or why not in the comments below, and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the latest and greatest news in movies and television.

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