Frozen II Producer Shuts Down Tarzan Fan Theory

Anna in Frozen II

After years of waiting, the release of Disney's Frozen II is nearly upon us. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee's upcoming animated blockbuster will catch up with Anna and Elsa, bringing them into another exciting adventure with new songs. The movie will also move backward, expanding the role of the sisters' parents, with Evan Rachel Wood's Queen Iduna getting two vocal solos on the film's soundtrack. But there's also an ongoing fan theory about the Queen and King of Arendelle, namely that they didn't die at sea, instead were marooned on a beach, and became Tarzan's parents. Unfortunately, it looks like that theory is being shut down.

Since we're in the time of crossovers and shared universes, cinephiles have ben trained to seek connection and serialized storytelling on the big screen. The fate of Elsa and Anna's parents have been one plot line that fans have theorized about, with connections to both Tarzan and The Little Mermaid. But Frozen II producer Peter Del Vecho recently addressed the issue, originally started by director Chris Buck. Del Vecho clarified the situation, saying:

It was on Reddit before he even knew what Reddit was. I can clearly, unequivocally state that Tarzan is not involved in the lineage of Anna and Elsa.

Well, that seems pretty cut and dry. It looks like Queen Iduna and King Agnarr of Arredelle didn't end up being capsized and beginning another beloved animated blockbuster. And this clarification likely comes from the characters' expanded story in the upcoming sequel.

Peter Del Vecho's comments to Digital Spy are sure to bum out some Disney fans, who are waiting for a deeper connection between theatrical releases. The theory about Frozen and Tarzan has only continued to grow since the original 2013 movie arrived in theaters. This one even seemed to get the thumbs up from Frozen's director Chris Buck, which made its credibility seemingly more legitimate. '

Chris Buck was asked about Tarzan's connection to Frozen years ago, and seemed to add fuel to the fire in the process. When asked in a press conference, he was previously quoted saying:

So in my little head, Anna and Elsa’s brother is Tarzan — but on the other side of that island are surfing penguins, to tie in a non-Disney movie, Surf’s Up. That’s my fun little world.

While this comment got certain Disney fans excited, he was also joking with the same breath. Mentioning Surf's Up seems to frame the comment as one big joke, rather than a legitimate inception of a shared universe. But that didn't stop fans from drawing their own conclusions over the past few years.

Tarzan's parents

Disney is known for including Easter Eggs in its major releases, but hasn't been too keen on all out crossovers. Still, the inclusion of certain characters in other properties has happened before. And now that shared universes are so popular, these types of nods have all the more power.

And while Tarzan doesn't seem to be related to Frozen's Anna and Elsa, they've already had a run-in with another Disney princess. Tangled's Rapunzel appeared as an easter egg during Anna's song "For the First Time in Forever" during the first movie. Plus, there was the big princess crossover in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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Tarzan aside, there was another popular fan theory about Anna and Elsa's parents' connection to another Disney classic. That theory is that the shipwreck that killed the Royal Couple provided The Little Mermaid's Ariel with some of her most treasured objects from above. That one seem a bit more plausible, and more on the easter egg side of things. After all, making Tarzan a prince of Arendelle would seriously disrupt the Disney timeline.

Frozen II will explore Anna and Elsa's parents when it arrives in theaters on November 22nd. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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