Hear Frozen II’s New Song For Elsa

Frozen II Elsa feeds a snow gecko

Ever since Frozen first struck it big, and Frozen II was eventually announced as its successor, audiences have probably asked themselves one big question: will there ever be another “Let It Go” for their eager ears and hearts to wrap themselves around? As of today, the first rightful competitor for that title has now been named, as a clip from Frozen II’s new song for Elsa, “Into The Unknown” has just been teased in a short video.

You can listen to a portion of that song for yourself in the video below, which will require skipping to 00:22 if you want to get straight to the action.

Let’s just go ahead and answer that big question we asked at the top of the story by saying that yes, “Into The Unknown” does feel primed to be the big “Elsa Song” that Frozen II is looking for. Even in this small sample, you can feel Idina Menzel’s powerful vocals weaving their magic; and whether you’re a Frozen fan or not, that point can never be denied when it comes to the series’ musical output.

Make no mistake though, it feels like “Into The Unknown” will be the song that Frozen II hangs its general hat on. The series now has a formula of the “Elsa Song” being the big showstopper; which considering that it’s the big moment for Menzel to let loose in a film full of musical talent, is a no-brainer. And should this film be a superhero-esque experience, much like the actor herself has hyped the film to be, this is basically the equivalent to the theme from The Avengers for this film.

But even in the instrumentation and the melody of the tune itself, the music to Academy Award Winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s latest song is ramped up for the sort of experience that Frozen II is aiming to give audiences. We’re not in Arendell anymore, as a mystical forest in the north is opening Elsa, Anna, Sven, Christoph, and Olaf’s world into a greater scope of adventure.

How else can you tell that “Into The Unknown” is one of the three major songs from Frozen II? Well, besides the fact that it’s been released as a teaser for the film, it’s one of the three songs on the soundtrack that has the patented “Disney Pop Cover” treatment on the soundtrack. This particular song makes a second appearance, with Brandon Urie’s Panic! At The Disco performing the non-film version; and both “All Is Found” and “Lost In The Woods” are reprised, by Kacey Musgraves and Weezer, respectively.

Should this song, and the film it’s attached to, take off like its Frozen predecessor, you can expect children to sing this one to no end after watching the film. It’ll be the new running gag that the franchise will be able to trade on, and undoubtedly be nominated for the coveted Best Original Song Oscar that a film like this is almost assuredly going to win.

On the surface “Into The Unknown” feels like a big ad for Frozen II. But lurking underneath is the promise that much like “Let It Go”, this is going to be that earworm you won’t be able to escape by the end of the year. So prepare accordingly Frozen fans, because YouTube will probably be swamped with covers of this one in the first weekend of release.

Meaning that when Frozen II asks fans to answer its call on November 22nd, you’ll either be on board with tune, or you won’t.

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