Yes, Jurassic World Crew Sometimes Sneak Away To Ride The Universal Studios Ride

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The Jurassic Park franchise has been part of cinema for almost 30 years. In that time the Jurassic Park brand has become massively important to Universal Studios. It's not only the name behind two separate movie trilogies (one not yet finished) but a massive amount of merchandise, theme park attractions and more.

Colin Trevorrow is now the keeper of the Jurassic Park flame, as a producer on the Jurassic World trilogy and a director of two of its installments. He tells Collider that the franchise is essentially a crown jewel for Universal Studios and more specifically, it's almost a way of life for the people who are tasked with working on it. The people who work on it at the studio are so all-in on Jurassic Park that apparently some have been known to sneak off to the theme park side of the studio to go ride the attraction.

We take up a lot of bandwidth because the legacy is strong and everyone cares so much about it. Everyone in production, licensing, marketing—all the departments who work together to support the franchise—they each have their own personal relationship with Jurassic Park. A lot of them have dinosaurs on their desks. They sneak away from work and ride the ride. We’ve got a team pride thing going over there. The competition is pretty fierce, we gotta stick together.

Universal Studios is a unique place because the theme park grew up around, and is still very much attached,to, the actual film studio where the movies themselves get made. As such, the people who work at the studio responsible for the Jurassic Park franchise aren't that far away from the recently re-themed Jurassic World attraction.

If you've dedicated yourself to the franchise professionally, then of course you're going to want to experience that ride now and then, and the fact that you can basically just walk over to the theme park and do that at your leisure, why in the world wouldn't you? I'd have a hard time being at my desk ever if there was a theme park outside my window.

The Jurassic World attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood was recently renovated and updated after previously being a Jurassic Park attraction. The ride is ultimately the same, it's a log flume ride that surrounds you with dinosaurs, but now it includes updated animated dinosaurs as well as the cast of the Jurassic World films in video segments.

With the Jurassic Park franchise being so important to the people at Universal, you can certainly guess they'll all be focused on making the next movie something special . While we have little idea what to expect from Jurassic World 3, the recent short film, Battle at Big Rock, gave us a little tease. We know that humans and dinosaurs will finally be coming face-to-face outside the fictional theme park.

Hopefully, with the new movie on the way, the crew at Universal Studios will be able to focus on that project, and take fewer long lunch breaks over at the theme park.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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