Universal Studios Hollywood Unveils New Details For Jurassic World: The Ride

Justice Smith and Bryce Dallas Howard screaming in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Universal Studios Hollywood opened its Jurassic Park attraction back in 1996. Nearly 25 years is a good long run for an attraction, but the franchise, much like the dinosaurs in the original film, has come back from the dead in recent years thanks to the Jurassic World films. So it was little surprise when we learned last year that Jurassic Park - The Ride was being shut down to make way for a new attraction. Get ready for Jurassic World - The Ride, set to open this summer.

Universal Studios Hollywood today confirmed that Jurassic World - The Ride will open sometime later this summer. No specific date was given but a number of new details about the upcoming refresh to the classic theme park attraction were unveiled. For the most part, those familiar with the classic Jurassic Park ride will likely find the new experience familiar. It will still put guests aboard rafts that will take you through a jungle like environment, inhabited by numerous dinosaurs. However, everything about the specifics of that has been redesigned and re-imagined. Newly created dinosaurs, new scenery and an all new storyline exclusive to the park have been created. The attraction will also boast an all new entrance for the rafts to pass through, including a new Jurassic World logo supported by new stone work pillars topped with flames, just like you see when entering the famous park in the movies. Likely looking something like this...

Jurassic World entrance

The new attraction will still sport the major high point of the previous iteration, an 84-foot waterfall drop that will bring guests splashing down to ground level. However, it will be part of an all-new sequence where a Tyrannosaurus Rex goes up against. what's being called one of the attractions "new behemoth dinosaurs." It doesn't say you'll see an Indominous Rex, but it certainly sounds like it.

In addition to the ride itself, the attraction will also include a couple of brand new areas. The Raptor Encounter will allow guests to get face-to-face with Blue and the other raptors from the Jurassic World films. Universal Studios has brought out free roaming "dinosaurs" for guests to interact with in the past and this sounds like a way to add that option permanently to the park. There will also be a Dino Play area that will give kids a chance to hunt for their own dinosaur fossils. Again, this part of the attraction seems to take strong inspiration from a segment of the films.

Jurassic World Fossils

The new ride was developed by the likes of Industrial Light & Magic as well as franchise producer Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall as well as director Colin Trevorrow. One certainly has to wonder if some bits of ideas from the upcoming Jurassic World 3 might make their way into the attraction.

The original Jurassic Park ride was a lot of fun so seeing it get refreshed for the current franchise, with a lot of new cool stuff to go along with it, looks pretty awesome. While no specific opening date has been given, expect to see it hit as soon as possible in order to bring in as many summer tourists as it can. There's nothing quite like a good splash down for a hot Southern California day, and this should be just what the doctor ordered.

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