Why Robert Pattinson's Batman Can Be Great For Indie Cinema, According To The Lighthouse's Director

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse

Since he completed The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson has largely eschewed blockbusters, instead choosing to work with interesting directors in indie films like The Lighthouse. Now Robert Pattinson is about to return to the blockbuster realm in a major way as the Dark Knight himself in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. While this might seem like a loss for smaller films, director of The Lighthouse Robert Eggers argues that Robert Pattinson’s Batman can be great for indie cinema.

In an exclusive interview on CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast, Robert Eggers explained his thoughts on Battinson, saying:

I think it’s great. I think he’ll do a good job. He’s making me buy a ticket to a comic book movie again, so good for him. Maybe he’ll invite me to a screening. The hope is that Rob, after Batman, will still want to do interesting work. And if Batman works out the way he hopes, how cool would that be? To have a movie star who really means something at the box office, and is a fucking incredible actor. It could be very good for the Eggers and the Safdies of the world. You wear that cape, Rob.

First and foremost Robert Eggers is just happy for his Lighthouse star, and is rooting for him to succeed. The acclaimed director has real belief in Robert Pattinson, and is confident that he will be a great Batman. It doesn’t sound like he usually sees comic book movies but Robert Eggers is definitely planning on seeing The Batman-- whether he gets invited to a screening or not. But Eggers is also hoping that Pattinson being in The Batman could mean more people see indie movies as well.

As he tells ReelBlend, Robert Eggers is hoping that putting on the cape and cowl won’t mark the end of Robert Pattinson’s time in indie films. The director expects that Robert Pattinson will still want to do interesting work outside of the blockbuster realm after The Batman because if he does, that could be a huge boon to indie cinema.

As Robert Eggers sees it, if The Batman is successful and Robert Pattinson kills it in the role, his career will be elevated to another level. He is already a great actor but if The Batman works out, Robert Pattinson will be a legit movie star with drawing power at the box office. So if that happens and Robert Pattinson still wants to do smaller films in addition to his time in Gotham, that could be quite beneficial for drawing eyes to his other projects in the indie realm.

You can listen to Robert Eggers’ full discussion on ReelBlend below.

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It’s solid reasoning from Robert Eggers. As Batman, Robert Pattinson will have increased visibility and will be more popular than he’s ever been, even in the Twilight films. Therefore, if say Robert Pattinson reunites with Robert Eggers for an indie following The Batman, then that project will get some extra shine by being able to say ‘starring The Batman’s Robert Pattinson.’ Stars may not draw at the box office the way they once did, it’s all about brands now, but it definitely doesn’t hurt an indie when a talented big name actor is involved.

Although Robert Pattinson has long since proved he isn’t just a sparkly vampire, The Batman will prove that on a larger scale. General audiences might take a chance on a smaller film from Robert Eggers or the Safdie Brothers they otherwise might not have because they liked Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Maybe it will even draw more attention to his past indie work. It’s a nice thing to hope for and just another reason to root for The Batman and Robert Pattinson to succeed.

The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021. If you want to see what Robert Pattinson is capable of before then, Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse is now playing. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of everything still to come this year.

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