Surprise, Jesse Eisenberg Hasn’t Heard Of The Snyder Cut

The debate rages on -- online, at least -- about the existence of the mythical Snyder Cut. That would be the longer, reportedly better version of the DCEU's Justice League that was constructed by Zack Snyder, the original filmmaker who eventually stepped away from the movie and was replaced by Joss Whedon. While Snyder fans lobby for the eventual release of this cut of Justice League, others learn about it in interviews. Like Jesse Eisenberg... who's actually IN the movie. Watch him learn about The Snyder Cut in this interview with Barstool's Lights, Camera, Pod:

So Jesse Eisenberg, who plays (played?) Lex Luthor is both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, claims that he has no idea whether there is a Snyder Cut of the latter movie. And in his defense, Eisenberg makes it clear that he doesn't watch any of his movies after he is in them. He's been on record for basically all of his career as stating that he doesn't enjoy watching himself, so once he's done with a project, he moves on to the next one.

But while Jesse Eisenberg is unaware of a Snyder Cut of Justice League, he says enough in this interview to continue giving hope to dedicated Snyder fans who want to see the longer version of their broken movie. Eisenberg admits:

I think I was in some other scenes, too, but I guess they're not in the movie. So they turned it into a ... after the credits. But no, I wasn't around for the process. I know some of the stuff they were doing was amazing. Also, I'm friends with the writer, Chris Terrio, so I read his original draft and yeah, there's stuff that probably is not in the movie, obviously. Because I haven't seen the movie, that was there, I'm sure.

The hosts are asking Jesse Eisenberg to think back, on the spot, to a movie he filmed years ago. And when it comes to Justice League, he did only show up in this one scene, which was used for a post-credits stinger to set up a movie we'll now never get:

It's equally entertaining to see Jesse Eisenberg go on to learn about "Mustache Gate," the CGI Band Aid applied to Henry Cavill's Man of Steel after he was told he could not shave his Mission: Impossible facial hair as he came back for reshoots on Justice League. Eisenberg tries to be diplomatic when looking at the work done on Cavill's face in the finished theatrical version of Justice League. He knows how hard it is to make these movies, having helped carry large chunks of BvS. But he also can't find anything positive to say of the CGI work. I mean, who could?

So, Jesse Eisenberg's comments can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, so the debate rages on. Many who lobby for the release of the Cut stormed social media during the announcement of the new streaming service HBO Max, assuming that would be an ideal location for the cut to live. I, personally, agree with that statement, though no official confirmation was given at this time. The battle to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League wages on.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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