Reactions To The New Cats Trailer Are Just As Classic This Time Around

Ian McKlellan looking mangy in Cats trailer

Tom Hooper’s Cats movie dropped a second trailer this week, and it featured a lot more of Taylor Swift’s cat character dancing around in full CGI glory. In fact, the second Cats trailer had a little bit of everything and enough wild CGI moments to have the Internet abuzz once more.

Of course, the reactions to how Cats is looking in the early trailers for the big holiday release wildly vary. The movie has definitely been a big talking point on the Internet, and you can see some of the classic reactions to trailer number two, below.

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In general, if you are weirded out by this new look at Tom Hooper's upcoming musical film, there should be plenty of content online to amuse you right now. In fact there have been a slew of memes created for this movie, and if you aren't in on those yet, you should be. Luckily, one Twitter user has rounded a few of them up for us.

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Here’s the thing, though. Despite all of the jokes, the memes, and the occasional horror, quite a lot of people are very excited about Cats, despite the overwhelming focus on how wild the CGI looks. In particular Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll actress Elaine Hendrix voiced her approval for the latest trailer, noting,

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In general, a lot of people are all over Taylor Swift in this new trailer, so it's not like Elaine Hendrix is alone in this opinion. Some people are excited about Cats! It's OK to admit it!

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Of course, if you haven’t actually seen the Cats trailer yet, there's no way you could have an opinion about any of this. Although, we should note there's a lot of focus on Taylor Swift's feline character in this one to appeal to fans. Regardless, whether or not you are pumped for the upcoming movie, it's culturally important to watch any Cats content that comes your way at this point. Take a look.

Cats will be dancing its way into theaters on December 20, and I can guarantee there will be nothing like the famous musical/CGI hybrid in theaters at the same time. Unless you think the CGI in the Jumanji franchise comes close... Realistically though, before its official release, hopefully audiences will have a better gauge of whether Tom Hooper’s latest enterprise works or doesn’t on the big screen. In the meantime, be sure to check out what all will be competing during the holiday season with our full schedule.

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