How Danny DeVito Feels About Colin Farrell As The New Penguin

Danny DeVito as Penguin in Batman Returns
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Danny DeVito’s portrayal of Batman villain Penguin in 1992’s Batman Returns remains one of his most iconic roles to date. Since then, other filmmakers have been bashful to follow the Tim Burton’s film adaptation of Oswald Cobblepot. Enter Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. The new take on the DC hero will feature a slew of famous criminals from the comic book pages, and Colin Farrell is reportedly taking on DeVito’s well-known role.

When the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor was asked about The Batman’s casting of Colin Farrell, here’s what he had to say:

Colin’s a great actor... He’s a good friend of mine. I’ve known him for many years and I think he’s going to do a great job as the Penguin. It’s going to be really interesting to see his take on it.

Oddly enough, the pair of actors recently worked together on Tim Burton’s live-action Dumbo – and alongside former Batman actor Michael Keaton as well! Maybe Colin Farrell heard the trio of Batman Returns collaborators swapping stories about working on the ‘90s film and felt inspired to have his own experience in Gotham City?

Danny DeVito’s words to ScreenRant certainly indicate excitement for Colin Farrell to take on The Penguin and interest to see how he leaves his own mark on Oswald Cobblepot. The 75-year-old actor must have known a successor was coming one of these days, considering Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne has been followed by four actors and seven more live-action movie appearances since.

Between a variety of roles in Horrible Bosses, Seven Psychopaths, The Lobster, Fantastic Beasts and True Detective Season 2, Colin Farrell has certainly proved his range and ability to transform and surprise on screen. It’s not tough to imagine Farrell puffing his feathers to play the villainous Penguin in a way we haven’t seen the character played before.

Colin Farrell reportedly began negotiations for the project after Jonah Hill dropped out of talks to play the character. But it should be noted that Colin Farrell hasn’t been officially confirmed to appear in The Batman yet. The film’s writer/director has been announcing the additions to ensemble on his Twitter in a fun way, and Farrell has yet to be welcomed.

We do know for certain that Robert Pattinson will be suiting up in the cape and cowl, Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman, Paul Dano will play Riddler, Andy Serkis will play Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright will play Commissioner Gordon. The production is expected to begin in early 2020 ahead of its release in summer 2021.

As for Danny DeVito, he’ll soon star in the Jumanji sequel with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Check out what we know about Jumanji: The Next Level and see it in theaters on December 13.

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