New Bad Boys For Life Image Shows Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Packing Heat

Bad Boys For Life Martin Lawrence and Will Smith looking concerned in the office

If they wanted to take the easy way out, Bad Boys For Life stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence could have simply reprised their characters of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett as retired instructors teaching the next generation a thing or two.

And while the notion of kicking back once and for all is certainly mentioned in this second sequel to Michael Bay’s 1995 action classic, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence aren’t sitting the action out any time soon;,especially when considering the latest image from Bad Boys For Life has them both checking their guns before getting back into the swing of things.

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That does not look like two men ready to turn in their badges anytime soon. I don’t care what Bad Boys For Life trailer contains to counter my sentiments, as it has both Martin Lawrence outright stating he wants to retire, as well as Will Smith making their latest mission sound like it’s “one last time” out.

Of course, one time is all it takes for a true adrenaline junkie to keep going. Plus, with a new class of badasses being introduced in Bad Boys For Life, there’s obviously going to be a competitive streak that tinges this latest case Mike and Marcus find themselves trying to solve.

With an unknown criminal element trying to eliminate Will Smith from the Bad Boys picture, directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi have been tasked with bring to life what could possibly be the most personal chapter in this entire saga. So it’s a good thing that this advanced look at Bad Boys For Life, courtesy of Fandango, has the legendary duo of Lowery and Burnett arming up for adventure, even if it is for one last time.

For a month that’s supposed to be winding down from the excitement of the holidays, while also simmering in the prestige season energies that have been bubbling since September, Bad Boys For Life looks like the action-comedy this season didn’t know it needed. With a holiday weekend opening that promises a nice chunk of change for their potential retirement fund, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence look ready to own the box office one more time.

Who knows? If this third time is enough of a charm, and the ending leaves things open, Bad Boys For Life just might be the start of some new adventures on the horizon. We’ll see what happens as that film brings the boys back into action on January 17.

However, that is just one of the exciting films heading to theaters this month. If you’re in the market for year round excitement, you can also check out our 2020 release schedule, which has this year’s full calendar of excitement thus far.

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