James Bond Drinks Non-Alcoholic Beer Now?

Spectre Madeleine and James have a drink in the dining car

When you think of James Bond’s drinking habits, the one choice that stands out above any of the other indulgences he craves is a simple vodka martini. When he gives a damn, the drink is shaken, not stirred, but in a new advertisement for No Time To Die, our favorite agent has decided to skip his usual and order a non-alcoholic beer.

Before you get too worried about whether or not Bond has decided to quit drinking, on top of potentially being married (again,) you can relax. As die-hard fans of Ian Fleming’s semi-autobiographical creation will tell you, it’s not surprising to see 007 drinking a beer in his off hours. Especially when the beer is Heineken branded, and it happens to be in a commercial.

In a new commercial for Heineken’s non-alcoholic beverage, Heineken 0.0, Daniel Craig is seen at a bar, ready for a drink. But as you’ll see in the ad that Men’s Health recently discovered, which is currently aired in international territories like Argentina, our man abroad passes up his cocktail of choice for a more work friendly beverage:

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This ad is only the latest in the history of 007’s supposed fondness of Heineken brand beer in his off hours, as 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies saw these iconic brands collide for the first time. While earlier ads in this brand partnership didn’t feature Pierce Brosnan’s incarnation of 007 being spotted with the beer, the era of Daniel Craig’s Bond has seen not only the actor, but also some of his co-stars, making appearances with that classic green bottle.

Still, there does seem to be change in the air surrounding No Time to Die. With the franchise giving us a female 007 in Lashana Lynch’s Nomi, and Fleabag mastermind Phoebe Waller-Bridge lending her talents to bringing a more modern sensibility to Daniel Craig’s big exit, there’s a possibility that James Bond could be taking better care of himself.

First Billie Eilish is announced as the singer/co-writer for the theme song to No Time to Die, and now Daniel Craig is spotted drinking non-alcoholic beer. Is Christoph Waltz’s Blofeld going to get an SNL sketch discussing the finer points of Strudel next? It’s time to keep an open mind when it comes to that very possibility, apparently.

Maybe those real life studies that pegged James Bond as an alcoholic got to the higher ups behind No Time to Die and its advertising campaign, and we’re seeing the results in action early. Or perhaps this is just a fun ad, that has nothing to do with this next 007 adventure we’re growing closer to enjoying. No Time to Die will reveal all as it makes its way to theaters on April 2nd in the UK and April 10th in the US.

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