No Time To Die Has Found The Singer Of Its Theme Song, And Wow

No Time To Die Daniel Craig stern faced in front of a crumbling wall

We’re only a couple of months out from No Time To Die marking the swan song of Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond. So with a grand finale of this sort of stature, a little bit of fireworks are in order; and it looks like we’re about to get them as the singer of the latest 007 theme song has just been announced. Billie Eilish fans, rejoice, as your queen is now a Bond diva, per the official announcement seen below:

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After intense speculation that saw various entertainers like Beyonce and UK smash recording artist Tom Walker having their names thrown into the proverbial hat, No Time to Die has settled on the superstar voice behind songs such as “Bad Guy” and “Xanny.” Strangely enough, this hiring means that Billie Eilish has already made her own interesting mark on the history of the James Bond franchise.

Eilish is now the youngest person to sing a James Bond title theme, as the 18 year-old recording artist now joins the ranks of performers that have given their voices to Daniel Craig’s modern 007 franchise. That puts her in some pretty impressive company, as Sam Smith, Adele, and a duet between Jack White and Alicia Keys all contributed to previous installments of the series.

But when it comes to No Time to Die picking Billie Eilish, who was announced on Twitter to also be co-writing the as of now untitled track with her brother/collaborator Finneas, this particular hiring is reminiscent of the man that kicked off the Daniel Craig era of Bond themes: the late Chris Cornell.

Much like Cornell, Eilish represents a bold departure from the typical sound you’d expect from a James Bond theme. While that classic swagger came back in Adele’s “Skyfall,” and to a certain extent in Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall,” those Academy Award winning songs were indeed a return to formula.

Billie Eilish could bring back the vulnerability and angst that Chris Cornell injected into “You Know My Name,” closing out Craig’s arc with a similar energy to that with which he started. Of course, that’s not the only good news when it comes to No Time to Die’s musical accompaniment, as some late breaking updates have sealed this film’s melodic deal.

As if the news couldn’t get any sweeter, this news on the theme song comes just after composer Hans Zimmer took to Twitter to officially confirm that he will be taking over the scoring duties for No Time to Die. It was a simple, but bold statement that the man himself made, with the following picture:

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Director Cary Joji Fukunaga is intent on bringing a unique sense of style to his James Bond film, and with Billie Eilish and Hans Zimmer to help, that task just got a little easier. Of course, there’s a ton of secrets that are hiding in what looks like a twisty narrative journey. All will be unveiled when No Time to Die cues the 007 gun barrel for Daniel Craig for one last time, on April 2nd in the UK, and April 10th in the US.

However, if you want to read up on one of our theories as to where the film may take us, that can be arranged for sure. And if you want to size up the competitors that will take on Bond at the box office, the 2020 release schedule is also available. For your eyes only, naturally.

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