Robert Pattinson Is Sorry Not Sorry He Upset Batman Fans With Superhero Take

Robert Pattinson in The King

Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and therefore he means a lot to the generations of fans out there. The Dark Knight has been adapted for film countless times throughout the years, the next of which being Matt Reeves' upcoming blockbuster The Batman. The movie just started filming, with Robert Pattinson gearing up to play the title character. Pattinson recently got in hot water with fans over comments he made about Batman not being a superhero since he doesn't have any powers. But he doesn't seem too apologetic about the situation

Back in December, Robert Pattinson appeared did an interview on Today in order to promote his role in The Lighthouse. That's when he alleged that Batman might not be a superhero, since he was void of "magical powers." This angered fans of Gotham's protector, who is known for his genius level intellect and expert hand to hand combat. Pattinson recently spoke to the backlash he received, joking with:

I wasn’t educated about the subject. People got very angry about it. It’s bizarre. I still can’t understand the argument. Okay, he’s a superhero, I’m sorry! The next headline: 'Pattinson retracts: Batman is, in fact, a superhero. He takes it back.'

While Robert Pattinson is no doubt going to put his all into his The Batman performance, he doesn't appear too concerned about the online debate he seems to have started. But after achieving the level of superstardom he did during the Twilight franchise, it's probably easier for Pattinson not take anything too seriously.

Robert Pattinson's comments to Time Out London has the potential to further tick off the hardcore Batman fans out there. Batman such a cool hero because he does it all without superpowers. What's more, the comics show that he has a plan to take down every member of the Justice League, including even Superman himself. So clearly his lack of powers don't hinder Bruce Wayne's crimefighting career.

There's really no debate as to whether or not Batman is a superhero, as that's exactly what The Dark Knight represents. But rather than relenting after seeing fan outrage, Robert Pattinson was happy to continue poking the bear. He's clearly logged the hours working on a massive franchise, so smart money says not much fazes him. Although he does think the amount of fame will be less intense this time around.

It should be interesting to see what Robert Pattinson brings to The Batman. He's been working on a ton of critically acclaimed indies since his tenure in the Twilight franchise, developing a reputation as a fine actor. Director Matt Reeves assembled a strong cast to help supporting Pattinson's first flight as The Bat, including Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, and Colin Farrell. Early reports indicated that the movie would also focus on Batman's skill as a detective, although the details are being kept under wraps as of late.

The Batman will hit theaters on June 25th, 2021 and is filming now. In the meantime, be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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