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Sonic The Hedgehog’s Ben Schwartz Is Making A Bold (Funny) Promise To Increase Ticket Sales

Sonic The Hedgehog surfing on road

Movie studios have some pretty creative gimmicks to lure audiences to the theater. So Ben Schwartz’s new promise to provide moviegoers interested in Sonic The Hedgehog with a live hedgehog of their own might not seem that weird if it were true. But, of course, this latest promotion for Paramount’s would-be blockbuster isn’t an actual offer, rather it’s another lighthearted gag primed at keeping this blue speedster in the hearts and minds of potential viewers.

Take a look at Ben Schwartz’s big promise, courtesy of a recent commercial for Sonic The Hedgehog:

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Naturally, there’s no way that Sonic The Hedgehog would have prompted giving away live hedgehogs, so there’s no need to revisit the legal precedent surrounding that time Pepsi supposedly offered consumers a chance to own a Harrier Jet. What this joke offer does provide though is another conversation for folks to have in the weeks leading up to the Sega mascot’s debut on the big screen. And judging by the way the film's opening weekend estimates have been trending, it's working.

If the advanced tracking data is accurate, Ben Schwartz shouldn’t be that worried about how Sonic The Hedgehog is going to open on Valentine’s Day weekend. And it’s all thanks to the redesign that the Sonic character went through after a huge outpouring of internet criticism. Originally, the film seemed to be looking at a $20-$30 million opening weekend in a post-redesign climate.

Now, with updated figures, a $41-$47 million debut is looking more likely. But just imagine where those numbers could have gone with a live hedgehog, or even a stuffed hedgehog, promised to all who bought a ticket for Sonic The Hedgehog? We’re not saying it’d be a sure fire record breaker, but Paramount might have been able to gain some ground on Black Panther’s $202 million opening weekend with such a promise.

As it stands, this Twitter ad for Sonic The Hedgehog shows off some of the film’s biggest assets: Ben Schwartz’s quick thinking charm and humor. So clearly, if the studio is trying to amp up its grosses, there’s one thing it could do: give Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a cameo, as the trailers have been teasing.

We’re only a little over two weeks before Sonic The Hedgehog opens in theaters, but naturally, with a speedy blue runner at the wheel, that time is going to go by in a flash. So we’ll just have to see how everything turns out when Sonic The Hedgehog speeds into the box office on February 14.

That being said, this particular Friday in February promises to be quite a crowded affair. Which means it’s the perfect time to check out the 2020 release schedule, just to be sure you prioritize your moviegoing for that weekend accordingly.

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