Kevin Smith Finally Names His Favorite View Askewniverse Film And It's Pretty Surprising

Jay and Silent Bob in shock

Now available on Blu-ray, Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot marks the director’s triumphant return to his View Askewniverse of interconnected films that began with 1994’s Clerks. For fans of the View Askewniverse, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a treasure trove of Easter eggs and references, and an homage to all that came before. Speaking of the past, Kevin Smith has finally named his favorite View Askewniverse film, and it’s pretty surprising. Take a look:

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There you have it, Kevin Smith’s favorite film in the View Askewniverse, which comprises seven live-action feature films, as well as an animated movie and some shorts, is 2006’s Clerks II. I have to say, that’s a pretty surprising pick. Not that there’s anything wrong with Clerks II, it’s great. It’s just not the obvious pick and not the one I think most fans would expect to be his favorite.

Personally, I would’ve expected the director to name his 1994 debut, Clerks, which remains his most acclaimed film, as his favorite. Namely because of how he made it when he was young and what it did for his career. It also wouldn’t have been surprising if he named 1997’s Chasing Amy, given that that film arguably tells the most personal story of all the films in the View Askewniverse. But nope, Clerks II it is.

Kevin Smith was responding on Twitter to a fan who didn’t like the director’s first sequel, and that prompted the writer and director to reveal that Clerks II is actually his favorite film in the View Askewniverse. However, it might not stay that way.

Tastes are always changing, and Kevin Smith revealed that his latest film, last year’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, is gaining fast on Clerks II and could theoretically pass it to become the director’s favorite movie set in his fictional film universe. That’s certainly understandable.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is not the most acclaimed View Askewniverse film, but it is a celebration of the characters and the universe that has been the bedrock of Kevin Smith’s career. There might be some recency bias to it, but the recent nature of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot also reflects the person that Kevin Smith is now in ways that some of his previous films may no longer do.

Kevin Smith made Jay and Silent Bob Reboot following his heart attack and brush with death, and the nature of the story and its themes about what it means to be a parent may speak to the director at this point in his life. So it makes sense that it could be his new favorite.

In the Twitter exchange, the fan that didn’t like Clerks II for reasons unknown suggested that Clerks III take place in an airport. Shutting this idea down, Kevin Smith revealed that the previously cancelled, but now back in the works Clerks III will take place almost entirely at the Quick Stop. It hearkens back to the first Clerks, and hopefully he’ll actually get to make it this time.

Kevin Smith is also back to working on a Mallrats sequel titled Twilight of the Mallrats. Following Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, he seems really revitalized and excited to keep playing around in the View Askewniverse. For fans of that universe, that’s great to hear.

Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to see what movies you can look forward to this year, and let us know in the poll below what’s your favorite View Askewniverse movie. Personally, I still go Mallrats, with Dogma as a close second.

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