Looks Like Kevin Smith’s Working On Mallrats 2 Again

Jay and Silent Bob in Mallrats

Several months back, Kevin Smith delivered to the masses Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, his return to the live-action View Asknewiverse after more than a decade away. But it wasn’t the first time he attempted to revisit this shared world that launched with his film debut, Clerks. At one time he was getting a Mallrats sequel together, and while things didn’t work out with that, it appears that Smith has revived the project.

While recently talking about his 2019 highlights, Kevin Smith also talked a little bit about what he has coming up, which included writing the following:

… I’m off to a fun start by writing stuff for Brodie Bruce & Co. to say in the new script I’m calling TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS!

For those who need a refresher, Kevin Smith announced in March 2015 that he was writing Mallrats 2, and he managed to recruit various members from the original cast to reprise their roles. By 2016, Mallrats 2 had been changed into a 10-episode TV series, but in early 2017, Smith revealed that the Mallrats follow-up wouldn’t be going forward because the networks he pitched the show to were not interested.

Now, nearly three full years later, Kevin Smith has informed the masses that he’s back to working on a Mallrats sequel, and its official title is Twilight of the Mallrats. It’s unclear if this is the same version of Mallrats 2 that Kevin Smith had planned back when he was conceiving it as a movie, or if he’s come up with a different story, but the fact that he mentioned Brodie Bruce indicates that he already has Jason Lee on board to participate.

Kevin Smith also said in his Instagram post that the script for Clerks III is “also underway,” though it remains to be seen if the threequel or Twilight of the Mallrats will come out first. Clerks III had similarly been shelved years back, but last year, Smith announced that he was working on a new version of the story that will conclude the Clerks saga.

While Kevin Smith didn’t reveal why he’s working on Twilight of the Mallrats, I imagine it has something to do with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Following its two-night Fathom Events run last October, Smith has been presented the movie at many locations on nationwide roadshow tour, so he’s seen and met plenty of people who are big fans of the View Askewniverse. Throw in Smith’s mention that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has made over $3 million so far, and perhaps he felt that along with delivering Clerks III, there’s still enough interest in this franchise to warrant giving Mallrats 2 another shot.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates concerning Twilight of the Mallrats and Kevin Smith’s other creative endeavors. For now, you can look through our 2020 release schedule to plan your trips to the theater in this new year accordingly.

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