The Batman’s Peter Sarsgaard Praises Director Matt Reeves, Teases The Movie’s ‘Raw’ Tone

Peter Saarsgard in The Magnificent Seven

The DC-live action universe is in a good place right now. Following the disappointing performance of Justice League, releases like Aquaman and Shazam! helped the DCEU get back on its feet. Birds of Prey officially hits theaters this weekend, although fans are similarly as excited about Matt Reeves' The Batman. The long gestating blockbuster has a killer cast attached, including Peter Sarsgaard who is playing Gotham DA Gil Colson. Sarsgaard recently explained why he loves working with Reeves so much.

Matt Reeves has been attached to The Batman for years, so it's exciting to see production finally starting up for the blockbuster. While some fans doubted whether or not Batman's first solo movie in the DCEU would ever happen (especially after Batlfeck left), it sounds like Reeves is actually killing it as director, since Peter Sargaard recently praised his work on the highly anticipated movie, saying:

I’ve been around some big shows like this and seen the way that it can both go well and not go well. It is so nice to have someone at the helm whose just utterly in control. Because it's like being a CEO artist. You gotta have both things. It’s been a real pleasure.

That's certainly going to ease any DC naysayers who might be out there. Because while it seemed like The Batman was stuck in development hell, Matt Reeves apparently has total control over the upcoming movie's creative path. Although just what we should expect to see onscreen remains a total mystery.

Peter Sarsgaard's comments to SiriusXM are just the latest update the Magnificent Seven actor has made about The Batman. While he's careful to not actually reveal any details about the upcoming movie, Sarsgaard has been helping build up anticipation with vague comments about the upcoming movie's tone. This time the praise went to Matt Reeves' skill as a director, who should hopefully result in a strong installment in the DCEU.

Matt Reeves' control over The Batman should hopefully help the movie's quality, as there are a ton of characters to service throughout its runtime. At least three different villains will have roles in the blockbuster, and new incarnations of Bruce Wayne and James Gordon must also be introduced to audiences. So not having too many cooks in the kitchen is key.

Later in his same interview, Peter Sargaard described the movie's gritty tone and emotional story. As he put it,

It’s not sanitized. It’s got a raw power to it, a raw emotionality.

Honestly, The Batman needs to get here yesterday. The movie has so much going for it, and it sounds like Matt Reeves has really methodically approached the story. Considering he had years to get it together, this makes a great deal of sense. And with filming under way for The Batman, the movie is finally becoming a reality.

The Batman will arrive in theaters on June 25, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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