If Christian Bale Plays Mephisto In Thor: Love And Thunder, Here's How He Could Look

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Ever since reports surfaced last month that Christian Bale might be joining Thor: Love and Thunder, fans have been making their best guesses about who the Dark Knight actor may play. These guesses have included the likes of Beta Ray Bill and Minotaur, but what about the extra-dimensional demon Mephisto? Could Bale embody him for the upcoming MCU film?

Famed digital artist Boss Logic has now created an amazing fan art piece on Christian Bale as Mephisto. Take a look at the devilishly handsome design:

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Wow! The Oscar winner looks positively diabolical. The piece of Photoshop artwork has Christian Bale sporting Mephisto’s red skin, long wavy hair and a collared cape. An “M” is inscribed at the center of his forehead and he’s holding up a pen in his hand. Mephisto has the likeness of the Devil (or Satan), but that is not who he is. He is the ruler of his own hellish pocket dimension, but the Marvel character often allows humans to believe he is the Devil to incite more fear into their eyes.

Mephisto is famous for convincing heroes to make shady deals with him, which prove to have major consequences later. Could he be the character Christian Bale is portraying in Thor: Love and Thunder? Thor has dealt with the villainous character before in the comics, along with once having a rivalry with his half-sister Hela (played by Cate Blanchett in the MCU). She died in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok after serving as the main villain.

At this point, fans don’t have a lot to go on concerning the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi is back to write and direct the MCU project after the success of Ragnarok. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has just been hired as co-write with him on the Phase Four flick. Love and Thunder is expected to begin production in August ahead of its release date in late 2021.

Chris Hemsworth is back, of course, to play Thor, while Tessa Thompson will reprise Valkyrie, who is now the ruler of Asgard looking to “find her queen.” Natalie Portman is also returning to her role of Jane Foster, with the character officially becoming The Mighty Thor too. Could Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif return as well?

Mephisto could be a formidable villain to oppose Thor in his fourth headlining adventure on the big screen. However, will a movie with the word “love” in it really involve a Satan-esque villain at its center? Considering Christian Bale is well-known for playing Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy, it could be exciting to see him take on a comic book villain next.

Aside from being attached to Thor: Love and Thunder, Christian Bale is also reteaming up with David O. Russell for a movie called Amsterdam. What do you think about the actor potentially playing Mephisto? Discuss in the comment section and vote in our poll below.

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