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The Batman Robert Pattinson Batsuit camera test reveal

The Batman's Michael Giacchino doesn't just know how to compose fantastic movie scores. He can also compose a pretty scathing reply to critics. The talent!

The Batman director Matt Reeves recently shared a camera test video for Robert Pattinson's Batman suit, revealing a piece of longtime collaborator Michael Giacchino's original score for the movie. The Batsuit and score have given fans a lot to talk about, and artists a lot to work with in terms of coloring the suit to show how it could look on screen.

However, for every fan there is a critic. Some Batman fans simply weren't impressed with the glimpse they saw and heard in the Batsuit video and made it known. However, it they made it known in a thread Michael Giacchino was tagged in, the Oscar-winning Up composer was often quick to reply in hilariously blunt fashion.

Here's how Michael Giacchino replied to a fan who wrote "Horrible... no thank you" in response to The Batman director Matt Reeves' tweet revealing the DP and music composer for the camera test:

Here's how Michael Giacchino replied when a fan complained at the lack of action in the Batman first look:

Here's how he replied when someone insulted not only this glimpse of The Batman score but also one of his past scores:

That was actually a gentle reply, he could've gone even saltier on that guy.

Here's how he replied to a critic/troll who insulted a fan's analysis of The Batman using the gun that murdered Bruce Wayne's parents as the Bat symbol. After the analyzing fan gave a take on that "powerful image," the troll responded with "Who fuckin cares," and Michael Giacchino stepped in to point out the obvious:

I mean, he's not wrong. The "who cares" crowd definitely needs to be reminded they care if they are commenting. Michael Giacchino added some sarcasm to this other reply, in response to more negativity to the post by the same positive fan who was analyzing the Bat symbol:

Burn! Some followers suggested Michael Giacchino stop replying to trolls, and he had a response for that too:

Yeah, why so serious? Not that all of the composer's interactions were salty. Some fans brought up Danny Elfman's score for Batman, and Michael Giacchino made it clear he was not trying to compete with it:

There's room in the DC universe for more than one creative Batman score, and it might be too soon to rank them based off this one camera test clip. But Michael Giacchino wasn't demanding everyone like his score or The Batman reveal -- he even appreciated respectful criticism:

It's true, every so often internet disagreements can be cordial, respectful, and even genuinely educational. Sometimes criticism can lead to change -- like the Sonic movie redesign -- and sometimes tense relationships between fans and filmmakers can be healed. But when a conversation stalls at "that fucking sucks," after a brief glimpse of something from the very start of production, maaaaaaybe there's more work to be done on the fan side too.


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The Batman is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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