Doctor Strange Composer Michael Giacchino Lines Up His Next Marvel Movie

It's been a long road but Doctor Strange is finally in theaters, and it's sending all forms of competition away to the Dark Dimension. The superhero blockbuster is doing well both commercially and critically, and among its chief praises is that it finally offers a memorable soundtrack for the MCU. The composer Michael Giacchino created a sweeping yet unique score to match the Sorcerer Supreme, so it should please everyone to know that Giacchino has already lined his next Marvel movie. And it's a big one.

Michael Giacchino just confirmed via his Twitter account that the rumors are true: he is indeed composing the music for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Earlier this week, rumors hit the web that Giacchino was being tapped to compose the music for Spider-Man's first solo movie in the MCU. It was unconfirmed at the time, but now it's clear that the rumors are true. Marvel Studios must have enjoyed what Giacchino did for Doctor Strange to bring him on board for something as big as Spider-Man.

Creating the score for Spider-Man: Homecoming is a pretty good get for Michael Giacchino. Even though he's already composed music for a slew of films and TV series, he'll be helping to define the music for the next generation of Spider-Man films. We'll more than likely be hearing that score for a long time to come, so it makes sense that Marvel wanted to get Giacchino for the job; it's certainly helpful to have an Oscar winning composer in your corner.

Spider-Man has had plenty of themes in the past for his previous series of films, so Michael Giacchino will have to provide music to help set the third Spider-Man reboot apart from the rest. Giacchino has dozens of films and TV shows under his belt, having scored the soundtracks for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Star Trek, Lost, and Jurassic World (by the way, all of those have really good scores). He won an Academy Award for his work on the music for the Pixar film Up.

Just to give you all a hint of what Michael Giacchino has done, here's a piece from Doctor Strange, "Master of the Mystic Arts," which plays during the film's end credits. As far as Marvel scores go, it's very refreshing.

All in all, this is pretty good news for movie, music, and Spider-Man fans. We'll know more about the theme to Spider-Man: Homecoming when the film hits theaters on July 7, 2017. Meanwhile keep it here at CinemaBlend and we'll update you with more information as it becomes available.

Matt Wood

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