Meet Ana De Armas: 7 Things You Need To Know About The No Time To Die Star

Ana de Armas - No Time To Die

There's no doubt about it: Ana de Armas is on her way to becoming a major star. The Cuban-Spanish actress etched her way into Hollywood through films like Knock Knock, War Dogs, and Hands of Stone, but it was Blade Runner 2049 that really put de Armas on people's radars. Only a couple years later, she had a star-making role in a crowded ensemble with 2019's Knives Out, in a witty, radiant performance that secured her a Golden Globe nomination. As she continues to climb into superstardom with a much-anticipated role in the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, we think it is time people got to know Ana de Armas. There's a good chance that she's only going to continue providing star-worthy performances, and we're excited to see her future.

Ana De Armas - Un Rosa De Francia

Ana De Armas Was Born And Raised In Cuba Before She Pursued An Acting Career At 18

Born on April 30th, 1988, Ana De Armas is the daughter of a teacher and a human resources worker and she was born in Santa Cruz de Norte, Cuba. Growing up in Havana, she had one brother, and she studied acting at the National Theater School of Cuba around age 14. But it wasn't until she was 18 that she received her first major acting role in the movie Una rosa de Francia in 2006. It was at this age that she moved to Spain to continue pursuing her acting ambitions, primarily through the Spanish series El Internado in 2007. From there, Ana De Armas continued bouncing between TV and film.

Ana De Armas - Hands of Stone

Ana De Armas Got Her First International Role With 2016's Hands Of Stone

Continuing to work in a number of Spanish-language productions throughout the next decade, Ana De Armas made her international debut in 2016's biopic, Hands of Stone, where she played Felicidad Iglesias, the wife of the central character, famous boxer Roberto Durán (Edgar Ramirez). In a cast that also included Robert De Niro, Hands of Stone gave Ana De Armas her first major international role, and she credits director Jonathan Jakubowicz for discovering her and giving the actress her big break in the U.S. It was around this time that she played a role in Eli Roth's 2015 film, Knock Knock and Todd Phillips' War Dogs, which paved the way for De Armas' future roles in major films like Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out and No Time To Die.

Ana De Armas - Blade Runner 2049 Poster

When She Moved To L.A., Ana De Armas Only Spoke Spanish

In 2014, Ana De Armas moved from Spain to Los Angeles, hoping to continue branching out as an actress. At the time of her move, however, Ana de Armas only spoke Spanish. It wasn't until she moved into the United States that she learned English and continued to build her acting resume in L.A.

Ana De Armas - Knives Out

Ana De Armas Was Previously Married To Actor Marc Clotet

Before she moved to the United States and while she was continuing her acting career in Spain, Ana De Armas said "I do" to actor Marc Clotet in 2011. Alas, the marriage didn't last long. Only a couple years later in 2013, the couple divorced, and it was shortly thereafter that Ana De Armas moved to the United States. Especially considering that this marriage took place early in her life, before she became an international star, it's unclear why these two separated. It is said that the actress keeps her romantic life private these days, with only speculation as to who she might be dating — if she is dating anyone at all.

Cate Blanchett - Carol

Ana De Armas Wants To Model Her Acting Career Off Some Of The Greats

Everyone likes to dream big, especially in the acting industry. Certainly, there are a lot of starry eyed folks in Hollywood wanting to push themselves and become a huge star, and Ana De Armas is certainly on her way. She is already on a roll with a number of stand-out roles in exceptional movies, and she will hopefully only continue to excel in the future. But as she looks ahead, she wants to model her acting career from the likes of multi award-winning talents like Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Winslet, to name a few examples she named during a profile with the Independent.

Ana De Armas - Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 And Knives Out Turned Ana De Armas Into A Household Name

While movies like Knock Knock, Hands of Stone, and War Dogs all played a role in boosting Ana De Armas' career, it was her role in Blade Runner 2049 that helped solidify her star status, with her lead role in Rian Johnson's Knives Out further cementing it. As Joi, a holographic computer program that serves as the central love interest for Ryan Gosling's character in the film, De Armas gave a nuanced, moving performance in the sci-fi blockbuster. But it was last year's Knives Out that really pushed the actress into the big leagues.

Her lead performance in a crowded ensemble that included (but wasn't limited to) Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, and Christopher Plummer was a stand-out. It secured her with a Golden Globe nomination, and it will undoubtedly play a big role in boosting her acting career and continuing her skyrocketing to fame in the future.

Ana De Armas - No Time To Die

Ana De Armas' Future Includes No Time To Die, Deep Water, And The Marilyn Monroe Biopic, Blonde

Certainly, Ana De Armas has some major roles lined up in her future. Namely, she'll next be seen in the James Bond film, No Time To Die, in just a couple months. She is also starring in Deep Water, the newest film from director Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction), alongside Ben Affleck and Tracy Letts. But her most high profile role might be her forthcoming biopic, Blonde, where she plays the late Marilyn Monroe. Directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), this Netflix movie might have big awards prospects if things go well. Certainly, it would be exciting to see the actress become an awards player once again for this new movie. Here's hoping the future looks bright for this very bright talent!

That's what you should know about Ana De Armas! You can see her in The Night Clerk, in theaters and on demand now, and No Time To Die when it hits theaters on April 10th.

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