How Much A Quiet Place 2 Could Make Opening Weekend

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It’s been two years since John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place shattered expectations, loudly making its presence known with a $50 million opening weekend. No longer the dark horse it once was, A Quiet Place 2 is about to hit theaters and it won’t be sneaking up on anyone this time around. A Quiet Place Part II is opens in theaters in March and expectations are high. So how much could the eagerly anticipated sequel make opening weekend?

A Quiet Place Part II’s opens in theaters on March 20 and the early tracking is in for John Krasinski’s sequel. According to Variety, A Quiet Place Part II is estimated to make $55 million over its opening weekend. This is just an estimate of course and as we get closer to the film’s release and Paramount’s marketing really begins to hit, this number could rise.

Earlier this year, the long-range tracking for A Quiet Place Part II had the sequel film pegged to open between $60 million at the low end and $80 million at the top end. Either end of that spectrum would represent a sizable increase over the original film’s domestic opening and as you can see, the more recent forecast of a $55 million debut seems to be taking a more conservative view of A Quiet Place Part II’s prospects.

An opening weekend of $55 million would only represent a ten percent bump from the opening of the A Quiet Place, but that should not be viewed as a disappointment. Following its $50 million debut, A Quiet Place went on to make $188 million domestically and $340 million worldwide on a meager $17 million budget.

So if the team behind the movie didn’t blow the budget out of proportion after the success of the first film and still had a relatively modest budget for the sequel, a $55 million opening would be a win for A Quiet Place Part II.

That said, A Quiet Place has blown projections out of the water once before and there are plenty of good reasons to think history can repeat itself here. For one thing, it’s still early and as previously mentioned, the marketing for the film hasn’t begun to really ramp up quite yet.

The marketing will increase awareness around the film and its box office potential. That potential will be truly realized if A Quiet Place Part II manages to replicate the kind of enthusiasm that the first movie enjoyed and on that front, there are reasons to be bullish on this film’s prospects.

For one thing, John Krasinski has returned to write and direct A Quiet Place Part II. The trailers for the film have been incredibly tense and if Krasinski delivered again and the reviews are good (and word of mouth along with them), this film’s box office could rise accordingly.

A Quiet Place Part II should also benefit from its release date as it is the only big studio release on March 20. Onward will be in its third weekend and the previous week will see the release of things like Bloodshot and The Hunt, but I don’t see those films as either direct or strong competition for A Quiet Place Part II. It’s also been a weak year for horror sans this weekend’s The Invisible Man (which is getting good reviews), so if A Quiet Place Part II is good, pent-up audience demand might reward it.

I’m going to guess $67 million opening weekend for A Quiet Place Part II, but we’ll see. A Quiet Place Part II opens in theaters on March 20. Check out our 2020 release schedule to see what other movies are headed your way this year.

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