A Quiet Place 2: 5 Questions We Still Have From The First John Krasinski Movie

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John Krasinski’s huge horror hit A Quiet Place gets a follow-up chapter in 2020. A Quiet Place 2 once again follows the Abbott family as they try to survive in a world where sound is deadly. A Quiet Place 2 will expand the world of the film, while hopefully answering a lot of the unanswered questions left from the first movie.

Many fans of A Quiet Place enjoyed the fact that the movie allowed them to figure out what was happening without explicitly explaining everything. Many of the major questions from the film were answered through subtle details and breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout the movie. Though A Quiet Place helped fans resolve many of the film's mysteries, it still left many unanswered questions that we hope get addressed in A Quiet Place 2. Because we’ll be discussing many plot points of A Quiet Place below, there will also be spoilers from the film. Now, let's get to it!

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How Will The Abbott Family Survive Without Lee?

In A Quiet Place, Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Regan (Millicent Simmonds) find themselves facing certain death as one of the brutal monsters prepares to kill them. In a final sacrificial act, Lee (John Krasinski) tells his children that he loves them, and then he screams to distract the monster from attacking them. Lee dies as Marcus and Regan watch in person, and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) watches from a security camera.

The Abbott family barely get a second to mourn Lee before they must once again face off against the monster who killed him. Throughout A Quiet Place, we see how Lee provides security and safety for his family: he often gathers food and supplies, and he’s shown trying to figure out how to fight the monsters and make his family’s survival possible. Before Lee’s death, we even see him trying to teach Marcus more survival skills.

Marcus, Regan, and Evelyn appear to have relied on Lee to navigate their new reality. However, towards the end of the film, they were the ones who managed to figure out how to defeat these monsters. We can assume that A Quiet Place 2 will explore more of how the Abbotts mourn Lee, and how they navigate this new world as a unit. A Quiet Place gave the Abbott family the additional complication of a newborn. Trying to raise and protect three children is definitely going to be a lot more complicated with Evelyn doing it all on her own in A Quiet Place 2.

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Will A Quiet Place’s Monsters Now Be Easy To Defeat?

The final moments of A Quiet Place revealed that the monsters can be defeated with high frequency sounds. Regan used her defective hearing aid to cause so much pain for the monster that it lowered its armor shell, which made the monster vulnerable to attacks. Evelyn then shot the creature with a shotgun. After killing the first one, the Abbotts hear and see more monsters heading towards their farm. Evelyn smiles at Regan and cocks her gun.

Since A Quiet Place 2 teaser shows Marcus, Evelyn, Regan, and the new baby traveling, it’s pretty clear that they used the same technique to kill the rest of the monsters heading towards their farm. Now that the family has discovered the key to killing them, it seems like they’ll be an easy enemy to eliminate. Everyone just needs a portable microphone, a defective hearing aid, and some sort of firearm to kill these monsters.

If sending letters is still a thing in the world of A Quiet Place, then Evelyn can even get what's left of the government and military involved in launching a massive attack on the monsters.

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What Are The Monsters' Origins?

At the beginning of A Quiet Place, we learn that Lee has turned his control room into a strategy room, which includes newspaper clippings of the monster's initial attack and takeover. The newspaper clippings leave enough clues that it is easy to assume that the monsters are aliens. They have inhabited earth and murdered over 100,000 people worldwide.

It's not necessary to give the entire background of the monsters and their invasion, but we hope A Quiet Place 2 gives a little more information on how this all happened, and how different people dealt with the initial shock of the alien invasion.

A Quiet Place old man death scene

How Have Other People Survived In A Quiet Place's World?

In A Quiet Place, Marcus and Lee stumble upon a dead woman, who, presumably, one of the monsters killed for making too much noise. In a moment of grief, her life partner screams to attract the monster, because we assume that he didn't want to live in this world without her. This is our only actual moment where we see other people interacting and trying to survive in this new world.

A Quiet Place 2 plans to introduce a few new characters, so we hope that they give us more insight into how others have been surviving in this environment.

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Will The Abbott Family Seek New Shelter?

In A Quiet Place 2 teaser, the Abbotts are on the road. We're not sure if they are just on a family supply run, or if they are looking for a new place to stay. In the first A Quiet Place, Lee keeps the rest of the Abbott family in the dark about the details and questions he had about the monsters. Now the Abbotts know a lot more about the monsters, because of Lee's control room clues and because of their own knowledge on how to kill them. The new information might make it easier for the Abbotts to figure out a better living system, like Marcus' new knowledge that the monsters cannot hear people over water could lead to the Abbott family trying to live somewhere near a waterfall.

The Abbotts could also use the information to build a high frequency sound producing gate around their farm.

John Krasinski set up a very exciting world in A Quiet Place, and we're even more thrilled to see his expanded vision of it in A Quiet Place 2. See if any of these questions get answers when A Quiet Place 2 hits theaters on March 20.

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