Tom Holland Wants Robert Downey Jr. To Recreate One Movie Scene With Him

Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming
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A couple weeks ago, another one of those deepfakes went viral and this time it featured Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr replacing the faces of Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to The Future. It’s pretty incredible … creepy too. The video instantly went viral, racking up over 5.5 million views. But it also got fans talking about whether the deepfake should inspire an actual remake featuring the actors.

Robert Zemeckis, director and co-writer of the iconic ‘80s film has been vocal about how any remake to Back to the Future would only happen over his dead body and even then, he’ll make sure his estate honors his wishes. Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, has also said Back to the Future 4 is not happening but he’d cameo in Rick and Morty.

But in the spirit of the viral deepfake, Tom Holland does have an idea that might make everyone happy. In his words:

If Downey and I could just shoot that one scene that they remade for fun, he could pay for it because he’s got loads of money, I would do it for my fee and we could remake that scene. I think we owe it to deepfake because they did such a good job… yeah, I think I’m going to speak to Robert and see if we can try to recreate something for deepfake.

Great Scott! Tom Holland is totally into recreating a scene from Back to the Future since he enjoyed the video so much. He and Robert Downey Jr are pretty tight. They’ve worked together a lot since Spider-Man’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War in 2016 and most recently in Dolittle. As Holland told BBC Radio 1, he’s going to talk to RDJ about it and see what they can come up with.

And when he Tom Holland was asked about the Back To The Future remake itself, here’s what he said:

I’d be lying if I said there hadn’t been conversations in the past about doing some sort of remake, but that film is the most perfect film – or one of the most perfect films. One that could never be made better.

Pretty heavy that Tom Holland has actually been at the center of some conversations about playing the role of Marty McFly in another Back to the Future. The actor actually based his Peter Parker in part on the character Michael J. Fox made famous and it’s apparent in some of the inflections in his voice and actions in the MCU movies.

Check out the viral deepfake if you have yet to see it:

It’s just about a perfect match. And since Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame it would be awesome to see him and Tom Holland back on screen for another project. (Dolittle doesn't quite count.) If it was a single scene recreation it would play more as a tribute to the iconic franchise and conversations about them trying to replace it in any way wouldn’t even happen.

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