Sorry, It Looks Like Back To The Future 4 Isn’t Happening

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future
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Great Scott! There sure have been a ton of reboots, sequels and spinoffs just in the last year! And across just about every genre, too. In 2019, Disney remade a handful of their animated classics for live action, the horror genre had fresh takes on Child’s Play, Pet Sematary and Black Christmas. Toy Story and Men in Black came back. Could ‘80s classic Back to the Future follow the trend as well? Here’s what the Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, says:

I’ve had a fantasy that they make another Back to the Future, Back to the Future 4. And Back to the Future 4 — it’s not happening — but if it did, Back to the Future 4 collides with Rick and Morty. Some way, somewhere in another time zone, in another space zone.

Christopher Lloyd is likely asked this every other day. Back to the Future is one of the most iconic trilogies to date and almost universally loved from beginning to end! That’s tough to come by these days. The actor behind Doc Brown has a pretty definite answer about Back to the Future 4 “not happening,” but he’d love to guest star on Adult Swim’s widely-successful Rick and Morty animated series, which is inspired by the Back to the Future movies.

Christopher Lloyd talked about the continuation of Back to the Future on Rick and Morty at German Comic Con Dortmund (via He called the idea of Doc Brown and Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly crossing paths with Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith a “fascinating” idea. Lloyd is a fan of the television show – he spitballed that the two pairs should sit down “to have a hamburger or something”!

It’s a great idea, especially considering how the wacky science fiction comedy series often deals with plotlines through multiple dimensions. It wouldn’t be tough for the writers to implement an episode with Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox’s Back to the Future characters as a bit of fan service and tribute to the source material that influenced the show from the start.

As for Back to the Future, writer/director Robert Zemeckis refuses for the franchise to continue and has vowed that, for as long as he’s alive, a fourth movie in the franchise will not happen. Although a majority of fans polled about interest in certain famous franchises returning were in favor of it being Back to the Future, Zemeckis said he’s “never touching those” again.

However, Christopher Lloyd has remained more open over the years, saying that if the right idea were devised he would return to his famous role. He thinks if another movie tackled a universal issue like climate change, it could be worth venturing back to.

What do you think? Would you like to see another Back to the Future? Sound off in the comments below!

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