After Viral Deep Fake, Would Tom Holland Do A Back To The Future Remake?

Tom Holland as Marty McFly

On Valentine’s Day, a deep fake video dropped online and immediately went viral. The video put actors Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. into Back to the Future in the roles of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in the 1985 film. The deep fake was so convincing that people naturally had to wonder, could this actually happen. So would Tom Holland do a Back to the Future remake? Here’s what he had to say:

I would not be interested because that is a perfect movie.

Many would say that is the correct answer. As if the MCU star didn’t already give people plenty of reasons to like him, Tom Holland has no desire to ruin anyone’s childhood, including his own. The actor is clearly a fan of Back to the Future and he also seems to know that it should be left alone.

Tom Holland, along with millions of other people, has seen EZRyderX47’s deep fake video on YouTube and while he may have gotten a kick out of it, as he told ET, he has no interest in starring in a Back to the Future remake. That’s because, as far as he’s concerned, Back to the Future is basically a perfect movie. It’s an opinion shared by most people with eyes and stands as the only reason needed for why Back to the Future should not be remade.

Tom Holland went on to tell ET that he wanted his Peter Parker to be his generation’s Marty McFly, indicating that he holds Robert Zemeckis’ film and Michael J. Fox’s character in high regard. It would be understandable that a fan of Back to the Future might want an opportunity to play in that world, but Tom Holland is the kind of fan who knows that perfection can’t be improved upon, so why even bother trying.

So while the deep fake was convincing and fun to ponder as a ‘what if?, ’ don’t expect to see Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. gunning it to 88 and going to where they don’t need roads. In an era of de-aging, bringing dead actors back to life through CGI technology, and deep fakes, it’s nice to know that some things are still sacred and untouchable.

It’s understandable that this widely seen deep fake video could spur interest in such a remake though. Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. had great chemistry in their limited time together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Peter Parker and Tony Stark and fans naturally want to see more of that mentor/mentee father/son dynamic between the two actors.

Maybe Tom Holland can join Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes 3. Personally, I actually think Robert Downey Jr. would have been fun as Sully mentoring Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake in Uncharted as well. But I expect they'll work together again sooner or later.

We may not be seeing Tom Holland in a Back to the Future remake, but will we ever see something new from that franchise, that’s seemingly one of the only ones that’s remained untouched in Hollywood’s IP craze? It doesn’t seem so. Although Christopher Lloyd has thrown out some funny ideas, producer Frank Marshall and director Robert Zemeckis have remained pretty adamant that Back to the Future go unmolested and never be remade.

You can next see, or more accurately, hear Tom Holland in Pixar’s Onward, which opens in theaters on March 6. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to see what other movies are coming this year.

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