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5 Things I Can't Stop Wondering About The Batman's New Batmobile

Robert Pattinson as Batman

When Matt Reeves released a sneak peak of Robert Pattinson in costume for The Batman, the first thing on Batfans’ minds (other than Daredevil comparisons) was, OK, show me the Batmobile. It appears that good things really do come to those who wait.

The new Batmobile has been unveiled via Matt Reeves’ Twitter, on which the The Batman director shared three images of his leading man standing in full costume next to his famed mode of transportation. I must say, this vehicle is nothing like I expected it to be, nothing like I have seen before in a Batman movie, and has nothing I feel I can justifiably complain about. See for yourself in the tweet below:

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Of course, as has been the case for each update in The Batman’s production we have received thus far, I have a few questions about this new Batmobile. Five to be exact.

A modern incarnation of the Batmobile as depicted in the comics

(Image credit: DC Comics)

What Comic Book Image Is This Batmobile Modeled After?

Like I said, this new Batmobile is unlike any I have seen the Dark Knight get behind the wheel of before, but that does not necessarily mean I have never seen it depicted on Batman original turf: comic books. Because Batfans think alike, within hours of the reveal on Matt Reeves’ twitter, the internet started flooding with theories and observations as to what era in Batman’s inked legacy this new vehicle reminds them of.

Years before Batman developed an enthusiasm for military-grade transportation, the Caped Crusader’s first vehicle in the comics was just a standard car that was not even referred to as the “Batmobile” and was painted an uncharacteristically bright red, but would later take on various appearances ranging from designs more common to the time period to resembling a winged cave dweller with wheels. If you ask me, however, Robert Pattinson’s vehicle looks less like many of those classic depictions and more like something Max Rockatansky might drive. While I have been craving a cinematic Batmobile that actually looks like a bat again (unless you count the slightly “winged” backside), I do find it refreshing and intriguing that Matt Reeves has decided to give his Batman a throwback to when the Batmobile was, essentially, just a car, which brings me to my next question…

The Batmobile form the 1960s era Batman TV series

What Car Model Is This New Batmobile Really?

Matt Reeves’ has hinted that The Batman will be set during Bruce Wayne’s early years as a vigilante, so it makes sense that his (current) vehicle appears to be a relatively amateurish modification of a muscle car. Even so, like any Batmobile, I want it. So, before I get started on building my own, I must know, what type of model must I acquire to match the badass design?

TMZ cited similarities to a “souped-up Chevy Camaro” (perhaps a more recent model) or “maybe a Dodge from the late ’60s” (which would justify some fans’ comparison to the Batmobile driven by Adam West), while Looper observed a resemblance to a 1970 Dodge Challenger, but also could not help but see features of a Pontiac GTO. Or perhaps it is none of these and Bruce Wayne actually managed to build his car from scratch, but designed it to look like these classic hot rods as a means to confuse, as well as intimidate, onlookers. Until we discover the truth behind this Batmobile’s origin, I cannot think of an explanation more fitting for the Dark Knight.

The rocket booster on Batman's Tumbler in The Dark Knight

Is That Batman’s Famous Rocket Booster In The Back?

I may have been speaking a little too modestly when I said that the Batman’s new car seems to be “just a car,” because, clearly, no simple motor vehicle has what this ride has. In fact, if I am not mistaken, I believe I see a familiar feature that has been a traditional element to the Batmobile’s design: the rocket booster.

Attached to that beautiful, amped up engine that Bruce Wayne has installed in the rear of the vehicle is what appears to be either a large exhaust pipe or, what I am hoping, is a fixture that emits intense flame to help Batman to a speed limit high enough to easily catch up with his foes or, if necessary, outrun the authorities. I do not believe that I could justifiably refer to this vehicle as the Batmobile without that handy feature. In other words, it better be the rocket booster!

One of the Batmobile's many accessories in Batman Returns

Where Is Batman Going To Put All His Wonderful Toys?

More important than the Batmobile’s famed rocket booster, however, is every other high-tech accessory the vehicle has been known to be equipped with. Lacking superpowers and only having so much space on his utility belt, Batman often has to rely on his car to carry much of his gadgets, many of which are preinstalled Yet, I am not sure if we will see that sort of action coming from Robert Pattinson’s car

This Batmobile’s sleek appearance is as much a blessing as it a curse, leaving very little room for certain equipment Batman might need while en route, such as grappling rope, an oil slick, rocket launchers, etc. He did not even leave himself any trunk space by installing that engine. Perhaps the engine’s rear-entry installation could be a clue that Bats is hiding his “emergency roadside assistance” under the front hood, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical over how much he will be able to fit in there.

The Batwing as depicted in Batman: The Animated Series

We’ve Seen The Batcycle, Now The Batmobile - Where Is The Batwing?

There are few modes of transportation in pop culture as iconic as the Batmobile and the Dark Knight’s cape billowing in the wind while riding atop a motorcycle always makes for a breathtaking sight. However, let’s be honest: Batman is a creature that belongs in the sky, so I cannot help but wonder if, in addition to this Batmobile and the recently revealed Batcycle, Matt Reeves plans to give us a sneak peak of his second coolest vehicle: the Batwing.

The single-rider jet resembling the winged animal of the superhero’s namesake allows Batman quick transportation across distances further than the Batmobile could manage and has shown up in several of his cinematic endeavors (dubbed “The Bat” in The Dark Knight Rises). It is less likely for an accessory as complex as the Batwing to show up in The Batman, if hints to the film chronicling the crimefighter’s early years and the “homemade” appearance of this new Batmobile are any indication. Could we at least see the Batboat, though? The Batcopter, maybe?

Despite all the things that I am uncertain of about the new Batmobile, I can confidently say that I believe Robert Pattinson is lucky to have one sick ride to fight evil in. For more updates on The Batman and what else is in Bruce Wayne’s garage, check back here on CinemaBlend.

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